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Reading Pillow Sayings and other Single Designs

Great Savings

All new sets are 50% off till September 6, 2018 

Warthog Mug Rugs


Sumi-e Collection 2


All older sets below are 30% off!!

Blank Coasters, Mug Rugs and Hotpads - All shapes and sizes

Bluework Chinese Dragons

6x10 Pansy Reading Pillow 1

6x10 Horse Reading Pillow 1

Applique Leaf Mug Rugs

Blank Coasters, Mug Rugs and Hotpads - all shapes in 1 size

Blank Square Coasters Mug Rugs and Hotpads

Blank Circle Coasters, Mug Rugs and Hotpads

Blank Scalopped Coasters, Mug Rugs and Hotpads

Blank Rectangle Coasters, Mug Rugs and Hotpads

Redwork Bunnies

Flower Collection 4

Redwork Cameras

Flower Collection 5

Stippling Collection

Coffee & Sewing Mug Rugs

Ocean Reading Pillow 2

Reading Pillow 4

Coming soon

Ocean Reading Pillow 1

Praying Reading Pillow

Faith Reading Pillow

Music Reading Pillow

Reading Pillow 1

Reading Pillow 2

Eternal Jacobean

Redwork Christmas

African Masks Outlines

5x7Applique Rose Mug Rugs


4x4 Lavender

5x7 Redwork Baby Angels

Baby Angel Blocks

8x8 Floral Quilt 6

Redwork Trees

         8x8 Frames 1      2 Sets in one

Inspirational Mug Rugs 6

Inspirational Mug Rugs 5

Redwork Doilies

Pansies 4

Frayed Leaf Mug Rugs

4x4 Daisies

5x7 Daisies

5x7 Daisy Blocks

8x8 Daisy Blocks

Delicate Visage

Quilting Circles

5x7 Easter Egg Mug Rugs 1

5x7 Easter Egg Mug Rugs 2

5x7 Zebra Stencils

Appliqué Leaf Blocks

Floral Mug Rugs 2

Floral Mug Rugs 3

Ornamental Parrots - 4 Sizes

Spring Flower Blocks 2 - 3 Sizes

8x8 Heirloom Quilt 1

Inspirational Mug Rugs 4

Inspirational Mug Rugs 3

8x8 Floral Quilt 7

Flower Collection 3

Gone Fishing

Flower Blocks 2

Baby Giraffes Quilt Blocks

Baby Giraffes Redwork

Little Christmas

6x10 Heirloom Bible Covers

In the Hoop Little Christmas Stockings

8x8 Floral Quilt 5

5x7 Roosters in Color

Redwork Chubby Motorcycles

Religion Collection

Christmas Baubles

Thanksgiving Blocks

Redwork Fish Blocks

8x8 Tone on Tone Butterfly Quilt

Christmas Bell Outlines - 3 Sizes in one set

5x7 Applique Pansy Mug Rugs

African  Ethnic Mug Rugs

Little Animals Quilt Blocks

5x7 Christmas
Bells Mug Rugs

Appliqué Leaves
and Mug Rugs

5x7 Floral Mug Rugs 1

African Rock Art     Mug Rugs

Fancy Grapes

5x7 Inspirational Mug Rugs 2

5x7 Musical
Mug Rugs

5x7 Inspirational
Mug Rugs 1

Poinsettia Corners 01

Poinsettia Corners 02

Pansy Quilt 1

8x8 inch Linda Quilt

Circular Cocks
& Hens

Alpha Swirls

Pansies 4

Frayed Leaf Mug Rugs

Persian Circles

These are some of my older sets, so make sure that you haven't bought them earlier!

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All the other sets have been marked down to 30% off. The prices listed are the regular price, but the discount will be applied at checkout.

Even the combined specials, where 2 to 5 sets are already selling at a discounted price, are included in this sale! Sets which have already been marked down to $10 per set, are not included.

Contact Elsa Goussard at elsagoussard@telkomsa.net