5x7 & 6x10 Reading Pillow 1 $8 US

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A stylish and feminine reading pillow which is ideal for mothers, sisters and lady friends. For the 5x7 hoop, you will need to do 3 hoopings. The 6x10 inch design stitches as one design. Instructions for making these pillows are not included. For those who are not familiar with reading pillows, there are wonderful training videos on You Tube. Just Google Reading pillows on You Tube and you will find many links.

With the 5x7 designs you will have to do 3 hoopings.

4.94x5.74 inches    14,809 stitches

4.94x5.74 inches    14,831 stitches

3.57x5.48 inches    6,120 stitches

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5x7 Reading Pillow 1

6x10 Reading Pillow 1

10.16x5.68 inches                                30,839 stitches

The lovely pillow below was made by Mariette Rosslind.

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