Flower Blocks 2   $40 US

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This set is actually two sets in one. One version is without the stippling and has a satin stitch circle around the
inner circle and the other set has the stippling with only two backstitch circles around the flower design.These
blocks designs can be embroidered in one color, two colours or three colours. I have used two colors on the
blocks for my quilt and I also used both versions for my quilt blocks.

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6x6 Flower Blocks 2

7x7 Flower Blocks 2

8x8 Flower Blocks 2


Below you can see a close-up view of the two versions and two larger images of the stitchouts.

I want to make a quilt for my own bedroom and I definitely want black to be the main color. Since I am not an expert quilter,
it has to be a Log Cabin type of quilt. I want something like the images below and I was playing with the idea I
have in my head. Instead of the dark beige and black fabric I am going to use, this idea will also look nice in floral fabrics.

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