5x7 African Ethnic Mug Rugs  $25 US

There are 4 mug rugs in this set and also extra 4x4 inch- and 5x7 inch designs. These are raw edge appliqué designs as I felt the raw edges look much more interesting than satin stitches on the appliquéd parts. Calabashes and gourds grow everywhere in the world, so these designs aren't just African designs. You can use the extra designs on matching projects like placemats, tablecloths, table runners, pillows and on wall hangings. Instructions for all the appliqué designs and the mug rugs are included with this set.

11 - 5x7 inch designs

9 - 4x4 inch designs

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My Projects

I've used Black, Khaki and Beige for my projetcs, because these colours go with the colour scheme of my dining room and with a Black dinner set I have. If you don't like the dull colours,
you can use bright colours as well. Fall colours will look stunning too.


Placemat with matching mug rugs.

2 Matching placemats

You don't have to use animal prints with these projects. Batik fabric will look absolutely stunning, but I only have a few fat quarters. Therefore I have to use what I have and in this case, I used leftover curtain fabric for the placemats.


This is just to show you how the mug rugs will look like with more bright colours or with Fall colours.

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