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Marathon Threads

I am not affiliated with Marathon threads in any way, except for being a very satisfied customer. Because I mainly use Marathon Rayon threads and because I give Marathon thread numbers in my color charts, I am giving a number of addresses where people can buy Marathon threads, if they wish to.

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Main office:
Marathon Midwest, Inc.
1708 Carmen Drive Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007
1-888-909-0362 1-847-981-2141 Fax: 1-847-981-5221

My Favorite Marathon Distributor!!!!

Marathon East, Inc.
535 Midland Ave. #1 Garfield, New Jersey 07026
1-800-984-7323 1-973-772-9500 Fax: 1-973-772-792

Marathon West, Inc.
1931 S. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, California 90011
1-800-373-2363 1-213-747-0300 Fax: 1-213-747-0302

Marathon Texas, Inc.
1225 E. Crosby Rd. A-8 Carrollton, Texas 75006
1-888-977-8282 1-972-245-7220 Fax: 1-972-323-0643

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e-mail address:

Australian supplier for Marathon threads.
G.N Trading Pty, Ltd
Mr. H.W.Kim
837 New Canterbury Road, Hurlston Park, NSW 2193
TEL: (02) 9558 0200     FAX: (02) 9558 0300

Marathon representative Czech Republic
V Laznich 398
Jesenice u Prahy
Czech Republic
Tel/Fax 00420 (2) 41932958

I did find a couple other Marathon telephone numbers for you. I'm not sure how old and accurate they are.
Suomen Konelike OY, Tel (44-01773)741-442
FL.D.Mouzakis S.A., Tel (30-1)345-1511
Linea Tessile SRL, Tel (39-0735)759-007

United Kingdom
Telephone:  01773 741442
 Fax:            01773 741443
Stockists in the U.K.

South African supplier for Marathon threads.
Berzack Brothers
2 Nugget Street, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

Johannesburg  011-3347634

Durban         031-3044985
Cape Town     021-5117044
Port Elizabeth     041-3734647

Links to other Embroidery Web Sites

Bernina of America
PGS Specialties - For Die Cut cards
Betsy's Wine Country Designs
Elizabeth's Embroideries
Francesca's Delightful Designs
Scrapware Designs
Sewing World by Raili
Hatched in Africa

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Inside Embroidery is a wonderful online magazine.
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A magazine bursting with embroidery ideas and information that are sure to inspire you to hours of creative embroidering.
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Bear Paw Quilt Co. Discount online quilt fabric store with thousands of name brand fabrics. They also have ribbons, books, beautiful quilt - and wall hanging patterns, gifts and many more. In my honest opinion, this is a web site well worth to visit. I have no affiliation with them, but I liked what I saw!

Dealers and Machine Companies.

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When you use Buzz Tools to unzip files.

Please read, copy and print these instructions!!!
Many people, who unzip their files with Buzz Tools, complained that they didn't get my color charts. Please read the instructions below, as this will save us all a lot of inconvenience, and agony<gg> The instructions were sent to me by Lisa Shaw, of Buzz Tools, and from the Buzz Tools Tech Support.

Buzz Tools will display the Word .doc files (and all sorts of other files) if when you create your catalog you choose *.* under all supported types.  Buzz Tools will then display the filename of all the other files within those zips (i.e. JPG files, PDF files, DOC files etc).  You won't see the contents, just the name and type of file.  Now you can go to Tools > Extract and all the contents of the zipped file will be extracted INCLUDING the .doc files!

Here are the step by step instructions, sent by Buzz Tools Tech Support:

1. Open Buzz Tools and create a New Catalog.

2. In the Select Files dialog box choose *.* from the pull down  menu next to Files of Type.

3. Select the zipped files you wish to view and click OK to create your catalog.

4. If there are other formats included in the zipped files (Like PDF, DOC or JPG files for example) they will display as file names.

5. Go to Tools > Extract to unzip the contents of these zips.

Another thing to note is that if you have a file association set up so when you double click on a .DOC file it opens into Word, if you double click on it in Buzz Tools it will also open into Word.  The same for the other formats, AS LONG AS you can double click and open in Windows Explorer, you can double click and open in Buzz Tools.

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Help with Winzip

Currency Converter
Check this web site out when you want to know what the US Dollar prices on my web site are in your own currency.

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