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Heirloom Collection 2  $45 US

Image of erghc201a.jpg
Image of erghc202a.jpg
Image of erghc203a.jpg
Image of erghc204a.jpg
3.93 x 1.80 inches
3.93 x 3.18 inches
3.85 x 2.42 inches
3.88 x 2.89 inches
Image of erghc205a.jpg
Image of erghc206a.jpg
Image of ergh207a.jpg
Image of erghc208a.jpg
3.91 x 3.04 inches
3.91 x 3.04 inches
3.70 x 3.85 inches
3.78 x 3.89 inches
Image of erghc209a.jpg
Image of erghc210a.jpg
Image of ergh211a.jpg
Image of erghc212a.jpg
3.90 x 3.46 inches
2.47 x 3.91 inches
2.41 x 2.80 inches
3.35 x 3.91 inches
Image of erghc213a.jpg
Image of erghc214a.jpg
Image of erghc215a.jpg
Image of erghc216a.jpg
3.91 x 2.45 inches
3.91 x 3.88 inches
3.89 x 2.31 inches
3.88 x 2.91 inches
Image of erghc217a.jpg
Image of erghc218a.jpg
Image of erghc219.jpg
Image of erghc220.jpg
3.00 x 2.30 inches
2.13 x 2.03 inches
3.90 x 1.17 inches
2.61 x 0.83 inches
Image of erghc221a.jpg
Image of erghc222a.jpg
Image of erghc223a.jpg
Image of erghc224a.jpg
3.90 x 1.13 inches
2.85 x 0.96 inches
3.21 x 1.48 inches
3.59 x 1.09 inches
Image of erghc225a.jpg
Image of erghc226a.jpg
Image of erghc227a.jpg
Image of erghc228a.jpg
1.49 x 0.97 inches
1.12 x 1.13 inches
2.11 x 0.72 inches
3.74 x 3.74 inches
Image of erghc229a.jpg
Image of erghc230a.jpg
Image of erghc231.jpg
Image of erghc232.jpg
3.26 x 3.25 inches
3.91 x 3.90 inches
3.82 x 3.91 inches
3.89 x 3.28 inches

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Heirloom Monograms  2  $20 US

All the monograms are 3.57 inches wide and 3.83 inches high.

Image of eghc2ma.jpg
Image of eghc2mb.jpg
Image of eghc2mc.jpg
Image of eghc2md.jpg
Image of eghc2me.jpg
Image of eghc2mf.jpg
Image of eghc2mg.jpg
Image of eghc2mh.jpg
Image of eghc2mi.jpg
Image of eghc2mj.jpg
Image of eghc2mk.jpg
Image of eghc2ml.jpg
Image of eghc2mm.jpg
Image of eghc2mn.jpg
Image of eghc2mo.jpg
Image of eghc2mp.jpg
Image of eghc2mq.jpg
Image of eghc2mr.jpg
Image of eghc2ms.jpg
Image of eghc2mt.jpg
Image of eghc2mu.jpg
Image of eghc2mv.jpg
Image of eghc2mw.jpg
Image of eghc2mx.jpg
Image of eghc2my.jpg
Image of eghc2mz.jpg
Image of eghc2aa.jpg

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Heirloom 2 Monograms

Heirloom Collection 2 & Monograms Special   $55 US

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Projects made with these designs.

Image of memorypillow.jpg
Linda Madrid from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, made this beautiful memory pillow for her sister's birthday. The photo is of her sister, about 66 years ago.
Please e-mail Linda.
Image of erghc212a.jpg
Image of erghc223a.jpg
Image of erghc222a.jpg
Image of layout.jpg

The designs on the left are the 3 designs that Linda Madid used for this project. The image above shows how the designs were combined for the memory pillow.

Image of lindaergq1.jpg
Linda Madrid of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, made this beautiful quilt with my Heirloom Collection 2 designs. The name of the quilt is the English Rose Garden Quilt and it was designed by Kerrie Hay, who also designed the Latte Quilt. Linda found the pattern in a magazine called Quilters Companion No. 9. You can find the magazine at

Image of lingaerq1.jpg
Image of lindaergq2.jpg
Image of lindaergq3.jpg
Image of lindaergq4.jpg
Image of lindaergq5.jpg
Image of lindaergq6.jpg
Image of lindaergq7.jpg
Image of lindaergq8.jpg
For larger images and more pictures of Linda's projects, please visit her web site at

Image of monicabasket.jpg
Image of erghc230a.jpg
Both these projects were made with the corner design above. Monica Powell, from Ladysmith, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, made this lovely sewing basket, when she tested these designs for me. Please e-mail Monica.

The project on the right was done on a Brother PR-600 machine.
Image of cornersquare.jpg

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