Heirloom Quilt Pictures and blocks

Linda Madrid from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, made this beautiful quilt with the 4x4 inch Heirloom Collection 2 designs. Linda tests for me on a Pfaff 7570. The finished size of this quilt is 55 x 68 inches.

People who buy the 4x4 inch Heirloom Collection 2 designs, can make a number of different looking quilts and the blocks below will give you an idea on how to combine different designs. On the following pages you will also find a number of different quilt combinations, where people who want to use 5x7 inch designs, can only buy the designs which they will need to make one of these quilts. I know it will be difficult to make a choice, but I had so many ideas and also wanted to give people different options.

Image of lindaquilt.jpg

Image of quiltcolors.jpg
Here are the Marathon Rayon colors for Linda's quilt.
1128       1185       1136       1301       1002
Image of lindafabric.jpg
This is the background fabric that Linda used for the quilt.

If you want to save these images for ideas, you are welcome to save them to your hard drive. Just right click on each image and select the "Save Picture As" option and save this to the folder of your choice.

The colors on the different blocks look different, but that is because the pictures were taken at different times and on different days. Linda sent these pictures to me as soon as she finished a block. The size of the blocks are 12 x 12 inches.
Image of lindablock1.jpg
Image of lindablock2.jpg
Image of lindablock3.jpg
Image of lindablock4a.jpg
Image of lindablock5.jpg
Image of lindablock6b.jpg
Image of lindablock7.jpg
Image of lindablock8a.jpg
Image of lindablock9.jpg
Image of lindablock10.jpg
Image of lindablock11.jpg
Image of lindablock12.jpg

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