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Early morning and girls were walking to school, along the beach.

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I spent quite some time watching these two children from Italy playing on the beach in front of our hotel. To me these two children were exceptionally beautiful and I couldn't resist taking a number of photos of them.

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Local women fishing with nets. I don't know what type of fish that were, but they were almost thumb size.

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Local fisherman snorkeling and fishing with a spear. I took this photo from a kayak.

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Another local fishermen with his catch of the day
The boat which took us on the dolphin tour

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School children in their uniforms on the left. The building on the right is the school building of this little town. Most schools in the villages look like this, without any windows at all.

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Public transport for the local people in Zanzibar
Bolts of fabric transported on a schooter
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According to our tour guide, there are only two trees like  this one on the left in Zanzibar. On the right is one of the rare Red Colobus Monkeys, found at the Jozani Forest, Zanzibar

Zanzibar is also called the spice mecca of the world

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Tumeric is made by the roots of this plant.
This is how fresh cloves look like

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This is how nutmeg grows on a tree. The actual nutmeg is found inside the fruit, like on the photo on the left.

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This young man climbed up this high coconut palm tree to pick coconuts, so we could taste the juice. Look at his feet and how he used leaves to tie a rope, which made climbing easier.

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This is a type of Litchi, that grows in Zanzibar. It was quite nice and it tastes almost like the Litchis that grow here in South Africa. As far as I know, the Zanzibar type doesn't grow here.
This is Mercury's, a restaurant in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Mercury's is named after the late Freddy Mercury of the rock group Queen and who was born in Zanzibar.

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Some of the better looking buildings in Stone Town. The one on the right is a hotel.

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The photos above and below were taken from the boat, on our way to Prison Island, just off the coast of Zanzibar. Today the old prison was changed into a hotel and Prison Island is just a tourist resort.

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The very large tortoises that are also found on Zanzibar. The largest ones are just abouve knee high.
This photo of me was taken by my cousin Rian, while I was taking photos on Prison Island.

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Through this gate prisoners were supposed to enter the prison from the boat.
The boat we took from Zanzibar to Prison Island

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The inside of the boat we took to Prison Island
Remnants of a creeper against the prison walls.

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A more close-up look at the boat we took.

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While we were in Stone Town, it was also one of their National holidays and a boat race was also part of the festivities. Local Musicians and dancers also took part.

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View from our hotel

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The security guards at the hotel, dressed in traditional Maasai clothing, except for the white plastic sandals.
I had to take this photo of Rian's legs, so people could see how we were bitten by mosquitos en Tsetse flies on our Tanzanian safari. My legs didn't look any better.

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More Maasai security guards on the beach. Their main task is to keep some local people off the hotel premises and to see that they don't try and sell things to the tourists. It is more to prevent the locals from making a nuicance of themselves and not to protect the tourists from any harm.

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Some of the traditional boats on the beach. I also took a boat trip in one of these boats.

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Xanzibar is a very poor island, but it has the most beautiful white beaches and the sea water is quite warm.

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