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The frame around each design represents the 4 X 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame. All these designs were digitized with the Deco Wizard, Version 1.

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Project Ideas

Image of weddingnapkins.jpg
Bertha Peters of London, Canada wrote:"We needed to add colour to the tables so as favours I made napkins for each guest using your doves design.  We included the date and each guests name.  Compliments are still coming in. Please e-mail Bertha.

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Donna Pierson, of Canton, Ohio, USA, made this beautiful album, and basket. They used the basket to put gift cards in, at their daughter's wedding reception.
Please e-mail Donna.
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Image of donna9.jpg

Image of jangiftbox.jpg
Janice Lawrence, from Colchester, Essex, in the United Kingdom, made this beautiful gift box for a friend's wedding gift. Please e-mail Jan.
Image of gosia4.jpg
Malgorzata ( Gosia) Puzniak made this beautiful wedding pillow. I met Goshia at a Bernina dealer in Columbia, Missouri. Please e-mail her.

Image of rhonda.jpg

This wedding pillow was made by Rhonda Rafferty.
Please e-mail her.

Embroidering on Candles and on Soap
Hoop 2 layers of bridal tulle, sandwiched between 4 layers of laundry bag. Use 6 layers if you use solvy. Rather over stabilize, especially if it is an "open" kind of design. Embroider the design and trim the solvy and tulle very, very close to the stitching. Soak the embroidery in water, and let it dry. Apply KK2000 to the back of the embroidery, and to the candle, and stuck the embroidery on. Then dip the whole candle in melted paraffin wax. If your candle is large, you can try using decoupage, to apply the embroidery and finish the candle. You can also use a one inch artist brush, to apply the melted wax. Make sure to cover the entire design.

You can use this same method for embroidering on soap. In case you want to do embroidery on colored soap, or candles, you can use the same color tulle too.

If you do embroidery on soap, dip soap in wax on design side only. The wax preserves the design and will make it last as the bar shrinks. The soap will wash away from the other side and will look nice the whole time.

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