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There are 70 designs in this set!! Because there are so many designs, I had to make the images very small. I also use brown colors, so the designs can show off better. The way you see each design, is the way they stitch out in a 4 x 4 inch hoop. Some of these designs I had to make a little smaller, so they can fit the 3 x 5 inch hoop for SEW format.

This collection will be the most versatile white on white, or tone on tone designs you have ever seen. Some can be embroidered tone on tone, or in colors. Some of these designs were also digitized to be used as appliqué designs, tone on tone, as well as in colors. The possibilities are endless. For some designs that can be embroidered in tone on tone, or in colors, I have two separate files.

Some designs have no thread breaks, and were digitized as one complete design. For these I also have the mirror images, as well as diffrent sizes. This is an ideal set for bed linens, table linens, as well as clothing. A repeat of the same design, will also look beautiful on a border, for curtains, and linens.
Image of egwow01.jpg
Image of egwow02.jpg
Image of egwow03.jpg
Image of egwow04.jpg
Image of egwow05.jpg
Image of egwow06.jpg
Image of egwow07.jpg
Image of egwow08.jpg
Image of egwow09.jpg
Image of egwow10.jpg
Image of egwow11.jpg
Image of egwow12.jpg
Image of egwow13.jpg
Image of egwow14.jpg
Image of egwow15.jpg
Image of egwow16.jpg
Image of egwow17.jpg
Image of egwow18.jpg
Image of egwow19.jpg
Image of egwow20.jpg
Image of egwow21.jpg
Image of egwow22.jpg
Image of egwow23.jpg
Image of egwow24.jpg
Image of egwow25.jpg
Image of egwow26.jpg
Image of egwow27.jpg
Image of egwow27a.jpg
Image of egwow28.jpg
Image of egwow28a.jpg
Image of egwow29.jpg
Image of egwow30.jpg
Image of egwow31.jpg
Image of egwow32.jpg
Image of egwow33.jpg
Image of egwow34.jpg
Image of egwow35.jpg
Image of egwow36.jpg
Image of egwow37.jpg
Image of egwow38.jpg
Image of egwow39.jpg
Image of egwow40.jpg
Image of egwow41.jpg
Image of egwow40a.jpg
Image of egwow41a.jpg
Image of appliqegwow42.jpg
Image of appliqegwow43.jpg
Image of egwow44.jpg
Image of egwow45.jpg
Image of egwow46.jpg
Image of egwow47.jpg
Image of egwow48.jpg
Image of egwow49.jpg
Image of egwow50.jpg
Image of egwow51.jpg
Image of egwow51a.jpg
Image of egwow52.jpg
Image of egwow52a.jpg
Image of egwow54.jpg
Image of egwow53a.jpg
Image of egwow53.jpg
Image of egwow54a.jpg
Image of egwow55.jpg
Image of egwow55a.jpg
Image of egwow56.jpg
Image of egwow56a.jpg
Image of egwow57.jpg
Image of egwow57a.jpg
Image of egwow58.jpg
Image of egwow58a.jpg

This is how some of these designs designs can be used as applique designs. The applique can also be done in tone on tone, or even in bright, contrasting colors. I love to use satin as the applique fabric, as it just gives that little extra, to the finished projects.

Image of appliqegwow10.jpg
Image of appliqegwow11.jpg
Image of appliqegwow12.jpg
Image of appliqegwow13.jpg
Image of appliqegwow27.jpg
Image of appliqegwow27a.jpg
Image of appliqegwow28.jpg
Image of appliqegwow28a.jpg
Image of appliqegwow32.jpg
Image of appliqegwow33.jpg
Image of egwow40a.jpg
Image of egwow41a.jpg

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Project Ideas

Ideas for people with the Brother 8500, Artista, and other machines, with a large stitching area.

With a little bit of effort, and by using your imagination, these designs can be manipulated, and be used for creating much larger designs, or borders. These are just screen shots, to give you an idea of what you can do. By multiple hoopings, people with 4 x 4 machines, can achieve the same effects.
Image of idea02.jpg
Image of idea01.jpg
Image of idea03.jpg

Image of idea04.jpg
Image of idea05.jpg
Image of idea06.jpg

Image of sweetdreamsside.jpg
I don't think this picture do this tone on tone pillow justice. Jan Reed also made this beautiful pillow, using my tone on tone designs, in combination with a beautiful Alphabet and scrolls, she bought from other digitizers.

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