Tone on Tone Butterflies $20 US

This set of 20 designs is ideal for those who would like to add butterflies to projects emboidered with other designs or they can be used on their own. All the designs have been digitized with two colors, but I preferred to stitch these samples with one color only.

The frame around each design represents the 4 X 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.

Image of ergttb01.jpg
Image of ergttb02.jpg
Image of ergttb03.jpg
Image of ergttb04.jpg
3.69x3.12 inches
3.32x3.39 inches
2.01x2.06 inches
3.10x3.16 inches
Image of ergttb05.jpg
Image of ergttb06.jpg
Image of ergttb07.jpg
Image of ergttb08.jpg
1.41x1.45 inches
3.35x3.27 inches
2.80x2.76 inches
2.85x2.79 inches
Image of ergttb09.jpg
Image of ergttb10.jpg
Image of ergttb11.jpg
Image of ergttb12.jpg
2.02x1.97 inches
3.62x2.49 inches
3.13x2.15 inches
3.89x3.81 inches
Image of ergttb13.jpg
Image of ergttb14.jpg
Image of ergttb15.jpg
Image of ergttb16.jpg
2.84x1.95 inches
3.11x1.43 inches
3.49x2.83 inches
3.26x3.28 inches
Image of ergttb17.jpg
Image of ergttb18.jpg
Image of ergttb19.jpg
Image of ergttb20.jpg
2.13x1.39 inches
3.46x3.89 inches
1.04x1.62 inches
2.38x1.56 inches

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Image of ergttb09.jpg
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Projects with these designs

Image of janbutterflyquilt.jpg

Jan Bean in Virginia, USA made this beautiful quilt and she used a number the Tone and The Butterflies also.
Please e-mail Jan

Image of janbutterflyquilt2.jpg

Image of jobutterflytablecentre.jpg

Image of jobutterflymagnets.jpg
The butterfly table centre above was made by Jo Lynch of Australia. The butterfly fridge magnets were also Jo's brilliant idea and she was so kind to share with us how to make these butterfly magnets.                  

To Make butterfly magnets:
1. Hoop two layers of WSV & one layer of Organza, same
   colour thread in bobbin as body of Butterfly.
2. Sew out butterfly, repeat colour 2,( it helps stabalize the              wings & makes the body solid to hold the magnet)
3. Rinse out WSV & start to shape the butterfly.
4. When almost dry cut away excess Organza.
5.  Dry completely.
6. Glue magnet to back of butterfly, dry, & put on your fridge.

More Project Ideas
Combine the butterfly designs with other designs you already have

Image of butterflyidea1.jpg
Image of butterflyidea2.jpg

Image of butterflyidea3.jpg
Image of butterflyidea4.jpg
Image of butterflyidea5.jpg

Create your own quilt blocks
With the butterfly designs and other designs you already have

Image of qblock2.jpg
Image of qblock3.jpg
Image of qblock1.jpg
Image of qblock4.jpg

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