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These little butterflies might not look very eye catching at first sight, but they will come in very handy. The possibilities are absolutely endless. Some might look alike, but they have different fill stitches and some are without fills at all. All are less than 2 inches in size and you can even add them to other floral designs. Since they are so small, they are ideal on baby clothes, napkins, collar tips, lingerie and on linens too. By repeating the same butterfly, you can also create stunning borders on towels, tablecloths and on sheets. Most designs have two colors, but some only have one color. They look totally different embroidered in bright colors, like I used with my projects.

Image of ergsb01.jpg
Image of ergsb01a.jpg
Image of ergsb02.jpg
Image of ergsb03.jpg
Image of ergsb04.jpg
1.73 x 1.51 inches
1.70 x 1.51 inches
1.75 x 1.49 inches
1.24 x 1.09 inches
1.82 x 1.55 inches
Image of ergsb05.jpg
Image of ergsb05a.jpg
Image of ergsb06.jpg
Image of ergsb06a.jpg
Image of ergsb07.jpg
1.17 x 0.99 inches
1.17 x 0.99 inches
1.37 x 1.15 inches
1.16 x 0.98 inches
1.34 x 1.37 inches
Image of ergsb07a.jpg
Image of ergsb07b.jpg
Image of ergsb08.jpg
Image of ergsb08a.jpg
Image of ergsb09.jpg
1.34 x 1.37 inches
1.25 x 1.27 inches
1.59 x 1.54 inches
1.58 x 1.53 inches
1.19 x 1.16 inches
Image of ergsb09a.jpg
Image of ergsb10.jpg
Image of ergsb11.jpg
Image of ergsb11a.jpg
Image of ergsb12.jpg
1.19 x 1.16 inches
1.34 x 1.29 inches
1.06 x 1.05 inches
1.07 x 1.06 inches
1.62 x 1.58 inches
Image of ergsb13.jpg
Image of ergsb14.jpg
Image of ergsb14a.jpg
Image of ergsb14b.jpg
Image of ergsb14c.jpg
1.28 x 1.24 inches
1.38 x 0.94 inches
1.38 x 0.95 inches
2.00 x 1.37 inches
1.71 x 1.17 inches
Image of ergsb15.jpg
Image of ergsb15a.jpg
Image of ergsb16.jpg
Image of ergsb17.jpg
Image of ergsb18.jpg
1.40 x 0.95 inches
1.39 x 0.95 inches
1.73 x 1.51 inches
1.73 x 1.51 inches
1.73 x 1.51 inches

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Projects in the making.

I am sewing up a storm at the moment and I am working on two butterfly projects, plus many others at the same time, at the moment. I bought butterfly fabric in the USA and for this project for a girl's bedroom, I picked colors that go with the colors of the fabric. Pictures of the finished projects will be posted in a few days.

Image of butterflyproject1.jpg

Image of pr600butterflypillow.jpg
Image of borderdetail.jpg
The project above is a pillow in the making. The inner block is a 12x12 inch design, which I created for my PR-600 and I embroidered this design in two hoopings. The free hand stippling on the border was done with different colors, one on top of the other. I used very bright colors and metallic Gold on all the outlines of the butterflies.

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