Redwork Sunbonnets   $20 US
in 4x4 inch, 5x7 inch, 6x6 inch an 8x8 inch sizes.

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A quilt with this set of designs are going to make many little girls very happy.

These designs have different fill stitches with different densities, which give different shades to the designs. The outlines stitch in a darker colour, to give even more definition to the designs. This set is a must have for every grandmother or mother with a little girl to sew for!

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4x4 inch 3.02"x3.92"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 4.84"x6.28"
8x8 inch 6.06"x7.86"
4x4 inch 3.49"x3.92"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 5.53"x6.23"
8x8 inch 6.92"x7.80"
4x4 inch 3.40"x3.89"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 5.48"x6.28"
8x8 inch 7.81"x7.81"
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Image of ergrws05a.jpg
Image of ergrws06a.jpg
4x4 inch 3.91"x3.28"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 6.27"x5.25"
8x8 inch 7.86"x6.58"
4x4 inch 2.97"x3.92"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 4.72"x6.24"
8x8 inch 5.91"x7.83"
4x4 inch 3.91"x3.69"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 6.19"x5.85"
8x8 inch 7.84"x7.40"
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Image of ergrws08a.jpg
Image of ergrws09a.jpg
4x4 inch 3.31"x3.89"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 5.33"x6.28"
8x8 inch 6.67"x7.85"
4x4 inch 2.88"x3.91"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 4.64"x6.29"
8x8 inch 5.78"x7.83"
4x4 inch 3.89"x3.52"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 6.29"x5.70"
8x8 inch 7.83"x7.10"

Image of ergrws10a.jpg
4x4 inch 3.89"x3.52"
5x7 inch
6x6 inch 6.27"x6.27"
8x8 inch 7.85"x7.85"

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Monica Powell made this lovely quilt on her Pfaff Creative Vision.

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Joan Wium decided to make a lovely wall hanging with these designs.

Original Artwork by
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