Redwork Clowns  $10 US
in 4 sizes

These cute clowns are my first Redwork designs and they really stitch out well. I had to remove some of the finer detail on the 4x4 inch designs, as the detail was too much for the small designs. My personal opinion is that the larger designs look better, but there are people who can't embroider large designs on their machines.

Click on each thumbnail to see a larger image.

Image of erg8x8rwc01thumbnail.jpg
Image of erg8x8rwc02thumbnail.jpg
Image of erg8x8rwc03thumbnail.jpg
Image of erg8x8rwc04thumbnail.jpg
3.89"x3.91" (4x4)
5.04"x5.07" (5x7)
5.99"x6.02" (6x10)
7.79"x7.83" (8x8)
2.61"x3.89" (4x4)
4.76"x7.08" (5x7)
6.10"x8.88" (6x10)
5.29"x7.76" (8x8)
2.86"x3.89" (4x4)
5.07"x6.91" (5x7)
5.69"x7.76" (6x10)
5.69"x7.76" (8x8)
23.02"x3.87" (4x4)
5.05"x6.47" (5x7)
6.08"x7.80" (6x10)
6.08"x7.80" (8x8)
Image of erg8x8rwc05thumbnail.jpg
Image of erg8x8rwc06thumbnail.jpg
Image of erg8x8rwc07thumbnail.jpg
Image of erg8x8rwc08thumbnail.jpg
2.98"x3.87" (4x4)
4.97"x6.44" (5x7)
6.03"x7.81" (6x10)
6.03"x7.81" (8x8)
2.38"x3.88" (4x4)
4.29"x7.00" (5x7)
6.02"x9.83" (6x10)
4.80"x7.84" (8x8)
3.86"x3.56" (4x4)
5.02"x4.63" (5x7)
6.24"x5.76" (6x10)
7.82"x7.20" (8x8)
3.00"x3.87" (4x4)
5.08"x5.54" (5x7)
5.97"x7.69" (6x10)
5.97"x7.69" (8x8)

Image of erg8x8rwc09.jpg
Image of erg8x8rwc10thumbnail.jpg

2.11"x3.87" (4x4)
3.83"x7.09" (5x7)
5.14"x9.41" (6x10)
4.24"x7.77" (8x8)
2.98"x3.91" (4x4)
5.02"x6.57" (5x7)
6.15"x8.05" (6x10)
5.98"x7.83" (8x8)

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Project Ideas

These may only be redwork designs, but the possibilities with them are endless. One of my customers told me she is going to make colorful placemats for her grandkids with these clowns.

Image of clownquilt.jpg

I didn't have much choice when I had to pick fabrics and I had to use what I had.

Image of 8420t.jpg
Image of 8419t.jpg

Image of monicaclownquilt.jpg
Monica Powell made this lovely quilt and she was lucky enough to find fabrics with a circus and a clown theme.

Image of joclownquilt.jpg
This lovely quilt was made by Jo Lynch from Australia.

Image of barbbibs.jpg
Image of barbibs2.jpg
Barbara Eden from Ocean Shores, WA, USA made these lovely bibs and burb cloths for her new twin grandbabies

Image of lindaclownquilt.jpg
Image of jocolouredclowns.jpg

Linda Madid from Las Vegas, USA has made the lovely quilt on the left and Jo Lynch from Australia has made another lovely quilt on the right. This time she did the clowns in different colours.

Original Artwork by
Image of artwork.jpg

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