Heirloom Quilt 2    $30  US
3  5x7 inch Designs
3  4x4 inch Designs
22 quilt block images included in zip file

Image of 5x7h201.jpg
Image of 5x7h202.jpg
Image of 5x7h203.jpg
6.70 x 5.02 inches
6.71 x 5.05 inches
6.25 x 5.10 inches

Image of 4x4h201.jpg
Image of 4x4h203.jpg
Image of 4x4h202.jpg
3.73 x 2.58 inches
3.87 x 2.36 inches
1.87 x 1.90 inches

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If you want to save these images for ideas, you are welcome to save them to your hard drive. Just right click on each image and select the "Save Picture As" option and save this to the folder of your choice.

Quilt Block Combinations
with Heirloom Quilt 2 designs.

Image of 5x7h201a.jpg
Image of 5x7h201b.jpg
Image of 5x7h201c.jpg
12.81 x 12.81 inches
12.81 x 12.81 inches
12.75 x 12.75 inches
Image of 5x7h201d.jpg
Image of 5x7h201e.jpg
Image of 5x7h201f.jpg
11.88 x 11.88 inches
11.88 x 11.88 inches
11.88 x 11.88 inches
Image of 5x7h201g.jpg
Image of 5x7h202a.jpg
Image of 5x7h202b.jpg
13.53 x 13.53 inches
12.85 x 12.85 inches
12.85 x 12.85 inches
Image of 5x7h202c.jpg
Image of 5x7h202d.jpg
Image of 5x7h202e.jpg
12.90 x 12.90 inches
13.13 x 13.13 inches
11.94 x 11.94 inches
Image of 5x7h202f.jpg
Image of 5x7h202g.jpg
Image of 5x7h202h.jpg
12.91 x 12.91 inches
112.45 x 11.45 inches
12.95 x 12.95 inches
Image of 5x7h203a.jpg
Image of 5x7h203b.jpg
Image of 5x7h203bb.jpg
13.93 x 13.93 inches
13.93 x 13.93 inches
13.93 x 13.93 inches

Image of 5x7h201f.jpg
Two designs were used to make the quilt block on the right.
Image of lindablock4.jpg

Image of lindablock6.jpg
Image of 5x7h201d.jpg
The quilt block on the left was made with one design only.

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