More Machine Embroidery Projects

I want to thank all my customers and testers for sending these photos of their wonderful embroidered projects and great ideas to me. May my designs inspire you to create more and more beautiful projects.

Image of pansybox.jpg
Image of maxierunner.jpg
Image of maxiebox.jpg
Maxie McConnell of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA made this beautiful covered box with my 3-D pansies and the table runner with one of the Appliqué Roses. Maxie is also one of my testers, but she bought these designs before she started to test for me<g> . Please e-mail Maxie.

Image of barbaraburke.jpg
Image of barbarablank.jpg
Barbara Bain, from Alberta, Canada used a purchased napkin, with the squares already delineated, to make this lovely pillow.  The pillow is piped with a thin black piping. Not all these miniature designs are mine. Please e-mail Barbara. The napkin was from Castle Hill Linens.

Image of weddingpillow.jpg
Image of egquilt.jpg
Peggy Bowe of Tompkinsville, KY, USA made this beautiful wedding pillow with the Doves and Wedding Rings designs. She also won a first price in the Machine Quilting category at a local quilt show for her English Rose Garden Quilt, made with my Heirloom 1 designs. Please e-mail Peggy.

Image of magrietaquilt2.jpg
Image of magrietaquilt.jpg
Magrieta Hanekom is an ex South African who lives in St Augustine, Florida, USA. for the past 11 years. She is a quilter and makes custom quilts. She also has her own web site. These two beautiful quilts were made with my Fall designs. Please e-mail Magrieta.

Image of cover02.jpg
Image of cover01.jpg
Image of pincushion.jpg
Image of covers.jpg
Vivi Annette Nielsen from Spain made the lovely pincushion and covers for her overlocker and sewing machine. She used my Baby Angels and combined them with satin ribbon roses, just as I saw these designs when I digitized them. Please e-mail Vivi.

Image of georgia.jpg
Image of boydoorsmall.jpg
Image of elianapillow.jpg
Monika Tocknell made these lovely baby items with one of my baby designs. Please e-mail Monika.

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Image of jotableclothcenter.jpg
Image of jotraycloth.jpg
Jo Lynch from Australia made all these wonderful items and shared her projects with people on my Elsa's Embroidery Friends list. Jo is a great inspiration and is always willing to give information to our group members. Please e-mail Jo.
Image of jolynch1.jpg
Image of jolynch2.jpg
Image of jolynch3.jpg

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Image of roxannecaddy.jpg
Joan Wium made a number of 3-D pansies to enhance gift boxes and gift bags. The 3-D Pansies take some practice and time to make, but they so handy to decorate all kinds of things with. Please e-mail Joan.
Roxanna Herder made this beautiful sewing caddy with designs from my 5x7 inch pansy designs. Roxanne also tests for me. Please e-mail Roxanne.

Image of lubapillows.jpg
Image of lubapillow.jpg
Lyubasha Rogers of Clayton, Georgia, USA made these lovely pillows with some of my Appliqué Roses designs.  Please e-mail Luba

Image of joanpillow.jpg
Image of joantowels.jpg
Image of joanpicture.jpg
Joan Wium made the pillow with designs from the Miniature Roses and the Appliqué Roses. The pansies on the towels are from the Pansies 3 Collection and the 5x7 inch Pansy Collections. The picture is of the Jumbo Pansies 01.

Image of pansyhat.jpg
Image of pansyhat2.jpg
Sylvia Heslington of Melbourne in Australia changed a plain hat into something special by adding some 3-D pansies, a butterfly and leaves to the hat. Please e-mail Sylvia

Image of mochamixquilt.jpg

Anna Greta Olson of Enumclaw, Washington State, USA made this beautiful quilt and these two quilt blocks with several of my design collections. Here is what Anne Greta wrote about this wonderful quilt: " I recently made a quilt out of white Duchess Satin and 16 inch embroidered blocks using only five shades of thread.  I was inspired by the Latte but wanted to use more of my own purchased designs and called mine Mocha Mix.  Since I used several of your wonderful designs I thought I would forward a photo to you.  You need to know how much your work is appreciated and how much joy you give by sharing your talent.  Thank you.  Anna Greta".
Please e-mail Anna Greta

Image of annagretablock1.jpg
Image of annagretablock2.jpg

Image of elaineblock.jpg
Image of elainecenter.jpg

Elaine Thomas from Colleyville, Texas, USA made this wonderful quilt with designs from my 5x7 inch Pansy collections. I like the way she picked thread colors to go with the background fabric. Please e-mail Elaine.

Image of jeanrunner.jpg
Image of jeancathedralwindow.jpg

Jean Lloyd made these lovely patchwork projects with my Appliqué Roses designs. Jean also tests for me and I wish she lived close by, so she could teach me how to do the cathedral windows on my sewing machine. I hate to do it by hand, but this is the only method I know!
Please e-mail Jean.

Image of pansyarrangement.jpg
Image of pansyarrangement2.jpg
Jacqui Viljoen, the owner of a Bernina store in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa, sent me these two photos. Two of her customers made these projects in a class that Jaqui gave in the store. Designs from the Bernina card Elsa's Favorite Florals and my 3-D Pansies were used in these projects.

Image of joanback.jpg
Image of joanfront.jpg
Joan Wium made this stunning jacket with designs from my 5x7 inch Collection 5. Please e-mail Joan.

Image of rosepanel.jpg
Image of rosequilt.jpg
Linda Madrid, another one of my valued testers, made this beautiful quilt with the applique roses. I think Linda is the one who encouraged all my other testers to create beautiful projects, as she was the first one who started to make quilts with my designs when she tested the designs for me. Please e-mail Linda.

Image of coathanger.jpg
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Image of coathanger3.jpg
Image of suewallhangin.jpg
Sue Halter, from Belton, Texas, USA made this wall hanging with baubles from one of my Christmas sets. She also made the crazy patchwork coat hangers on the left with my Heirloom and butterfly designs. Please e-mail Sue.

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