Birds of Paradise  4
$15 for 5x7 inch size
$20 for 6x10 inch size

This is the last design in a series of the Birds of Paradise designs. With these designs you will get a fully illustrated color chart. These designs are also ideal for adding crystals and metals to the embroidered designs and therefore I also included maps where to place the crystals.

The designs can be combined into different arrangements and therefore I included a single bird and also a few small designs. The single bird can also be used with my other flower designs.

Image of ergbop4metals.jpg
Image of ergbop4birdonly.jpg
4.88x7.02 inches
4.88x7.02 inches

Image of ergbop401a.jpg
Image of ergbop402a.jpg
Image of ergbop403a.jpg
Image of ergbop404a.jpg
Image of ergbop405a.jpg
1.19x2.07 inches
1.19x2.07 inches
1.70x1.79 inches
3.84x3.43 inches
2.21x1.96 inches

For 6x10 inch designs, order PES V4 and DST

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