Pansies2  $40

This set contains 31 designs. Almost all the designs are manually punched and also have shading on the pansies and the leaves. These designs stitch 30 minutes and more, and also have a lot of color changes. The petals stitch in layers, to give a three dimensional look, as I don't like any outlines on my flower designs.

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The frame around each design represents the 4 X 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame. All these designs were digitized with the Deco Wizard, Version 1.

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Project Ideas

Image of rosemarytrinketboxes.jpg
Rosemary Bevis from Hampshire, England, UK made these lovely trincket boxes with my pansy designs.
Please e-mail Rosemary.
Image of pansyrunner.jpg
Jo Symons from Australia made this beautiful table runner, using my pansy designs. Please note, how she adjusted the pansy colors, to go with the pansy fabric. E-mail her.

Image of gosia.jpg
Malgorzata ( Gosia) Puzniak made these stunning teapot holders. Please note how she combined different pansy designs, into one larger design. She did a fantastic job!!!Please e-mail Gosia
Image of friendshippillow.jpg
Another beutiful pillow made by Jan Reed.
E-mail her.

Image of jacket.jpg
Image of pocket.jpg
Jeanne Spengler, in Canon City, Colorado, USA, completely changed the pansy colors, to go with the pansy fabric she used. I saw this jacket at the MEEC in Las Vegas, 2000, and it was absolutely stunning. Please e-mail Jeanne.

Image of jeannespengler.jpg
Image of jeannespengler1.jpg
Jeanne Spengler, in Canon City, Colorado, USA, also made this stunning outfit. She attended the MEEC 2001 again, and I met her for the second time this year. For the front panel, she used a pansy design from my 5x7 inch Collection. I really like the way, she combined different pansy designs, and in different colors, to create one large design. I don't know where she got the lace designs from.
Please e-mail Jeanne.
Image of jeannespengler3.jpg
Image of jeannespengler2.jpg

Image of lindachase.jpg
Image of linda1.jpg
Image of linda2.jpg
Image of linda3.jpg
Linda Chase from Clinten, Minnesota, USA, made this absolutely beautiful quilt. Linda used the jumbo stipple freebie, combined it in her software, and stitched the whole stipple block on an industrail machine. She did such a wonderful job, I couldn't even see where the stipple design was joined!!!!! What she did, was to embroider about 40 stipple squares, of about 11 inches in size. She first sewed out the stipple squares and then added the flowers designs later, as time permitted.  She also combined my pansy designs, and embroidered them in different colors, to match her fabric. She can't  remember where the vine design came from, that she worked in, behind the flower designs and used around the total outside of the quilt. Please e-mail Linda.

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