Okavango Delta

On this trip we were 14 people from all over the world and I was the only South African. Our truck had to be left at a tiny village and we had to travel further with a bigger 4x4 truck.

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The reason why our destination couldn't be reached with our safari truck, was because a very large area was covered in water. A lot of rain fell in Angola earlier this year and even late last year. It takes the water several months to reach the Okavango Delta and many villages and lodges were flooded. The three photos below are also of the flooded area we had to travel through to get to our camp site at Guma. Usually this is a dry area with soft sand and one needs a 4x4 vehicle to travel on these roads.

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Some of our group members enjoying the early evening on a deck at Guma Lodge.

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Our group travelled in two of these boats to the area in the Okavango Delta or Okavango swamps, where we spent a whole day exploring the swamps in makoros, or dug out canoes.

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The "skippers" of the makoros are called polers, as they steer the makoros with long poles, while they stand up right. Their balance must absolutely be very good.

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In some places the reeds grow so dense, it looks as if the makoros were on solid ground.

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A beautiful sunset over the Okavango river.

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