Namib Desert

The three photos below were taken from an airplane window, while I was doing a scenic flight opver the Namib Desert.

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Compare the photo above with the two below and see how the colors have changed after sunrise. Photos were taken early morning, just after sunrise at Dune 45.
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People climbing Dune 45 near Sossusvlei, Namibia

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Look at the people and the footprints on Dune 45.
Dead tree at Dune 45

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Dune 45 at different angles and at different times

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Parking area from where we started our walk over the dunes to Deadvlei. We took the shorter route of 1.5 kilometers, but to me it felt like 10 kilometers. I had to carry my cameras in a back pack on my back and they weighed over 9 kg, or about 20 lbs.

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The area around the parking area has some trees and other vegetation.

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Dead Vlei

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Dunes around Deadvlei

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Above, right: What seems like a type of fruit, are eaten by the oryx in the area and is a source of water for the desert animals.

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The tracks on the sand show how soft the sand is and one can only use 4x4 vehicles in this area.

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