Xai Xai area Mozambique

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Local people collection seafood, mainly black mussels, off the rocks.Thse people are very poor and live off the sea and the land.

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I took these photos on the rocks, during low tide.

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Taken at a village and these are the huts most local people live in.

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Local people collecting seafood off the rocks. This is really a hard life they live.

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I took two quad bike trips, so I could see more of the area.
An "umbrella" on the beach

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It was beautiful to see the reflection of the sun on the clouds on the see.

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One of our quad bike trips was a 50 kilometer round trip all long the coast line and we had some fun on sand dunes too.

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I spent quite a few late afternoons on my stomach on the beach, photographing all these crabs.

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