Miniature Card Designs  $25

Each design comes in two sizes, which gives a total of 36 designs.

These designs are created for small greeting cards. They are ideal to give, along with a gift. Then you don't have to buy an expensive greeting card too. Because the height of the small designs are just less than 5 centimeters, or 2 inches, they are also suitable for pockets, collars and bookmarks. I also made some lovely laminated bookmarks with them.These designs also look lovely on the corners of napkins.

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Project ideas

These bookmarks were made by my friends, Colette Stobbe and Ann Little, of Bartlett and Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
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This project was done with a repeat of one design, on a large piece of fabric. After the embroidery was done, I put batting (wadding), under the whole block. Because I wanted each flower block to stand out too, I stitched the satin ribbon into place, through both layers.  I also used one of the creative stitches on my sewing machine, and stitched it along the centers, of all the satin ribbon rows. The outer edge of the block, was done with stipple quilting.

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I combined machine embroidery and the creative stitches on my sewing machine to finish off this window pane shirt. I only used one design from the miniature card collection. This collection is ideal and the size of the designs are just right for window pane shirts!

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Carol Sooter from San Jose, CA, USA had another way of embroidering on a window pane shirt. She used several designs and she embroidered them on every second block. Please e-mail Carol.

The card blanks for these miniature and medium cards, are available from SheriO Productions. I sent her samples and she now produces them in these exact sizes. She also has the envelopes for these cards.

Click HERE if you want to order blank card stock

Some people had a problem, and didn't know which cards to order from SheriO Productions. Here are some images, as well as information, from the SheriO Productions web site, to make it easier for you.

4030 - Mini Cards, plus envelopes
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4020 - Gift Cards, plus envelopes
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4010  Contains 3 Medium and 3 mini cards.

4020  Gift cards: This is for the medium size designs, in the miniature card collection, in pastel colors.

4030 This is for the smallest designs in the miniature card collection.

4040  This is for the medium size designs, in the miniature card collection, but with dark country colors.

1022 This set contains 1 red and 1 green card of the 4 x 5 inch, 5 x 7 inch, plus the medium and the miniature card. In other words, on green and 1 red card in 4 different sizes.

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