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4x4 Metallic Elegance   $15 US

These designs were designed a couple of months ago, when I digitized the Butterflies and Flowers designs. I though that these designs will look stunning with metallic threads here and there and will add something extra to any garment, especially since bling-bling is highly in fashion now. These designs are ideal for adding some of your left over Swarovsky crystals or metals to the flower centers.

All the flower centers and the outlines on the larger flowers must be done with Gold or Silver metallic threads and if you don't want to use metallic threads, then please don't buy these designs. It will ruin the designs if the flower centers are yellow, as you will also end up with certain other parts of the designs that are yellow too. That won't look nice at all.

Image of ergbb01.jpg
Image of ergbb02.jpg
Image of ergbb03.jpg
Image of ergbb04.jpg
Image of ergbb05.jpg
3.70x3.31 inches
3.51x3.13 inches
2.89x3.57 inches
3.83x3.37 inches
2.95x3.75 inches
Image of ergbb06.jpg
Image of ergbb07.jpg
Image of ergbb08.jpg
Image of ergbb09.jpg
Image of ergbb10a.jpg
3.54x3.90 inches
3.35x3.92 inches
3.21x3.89 inches
3.27x3.75 inches
3.62x3.44 inches

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5x7 Metallic Elegance  $25 US

Image of erg5x7me1.jpg
Image of erg5x7me2.jpg
Image of erg5x7me3.jpg
Image of erg5x7me4.jpg
5.04x6.99 inches
3.79x7.00 inches
4.76x6.78 inches
5.00x5.42 inches

Image of erg5x7me5.jpg
Image of erg5x8me6.jpg
Image of erg5x6me7.jpg
6.89x3.84 inches
7.00x3.41 inches
7.00x3.57 inches

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6x10 Metallic Elegance  $20 US

These large designs were created for the Brother and Babylock machines which have the 6x10 inch hoop or larger. Because some people always want to embroider designs that are larger than their machines can stitch, I also split these designs in two parts.
Please note, these split files are available in PES format only and I am not going to convert them to other formats. If you order these designs, you must know how to line up designs perfectly and you also have to convert them to your own format too.

Image of erglme1.jpg
Image of erglme3.jpg
Image of erglme4.jpg
6.26x9.88 inches
4.34x10.11 inches
4.11x10.08 inches

Image of erglme2.jpg
10.16x3.72 inches

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Image of 6x10designondenim.jpg

Here I used Silver metallic thread for the leaves and flower centers and the rest of the design in White and shades of Blue, on a dark denim fabric.

Image of dscf0775.jpg
Image of dscf0778.jpg
Joan Wium made this table center and tablerunner when she tested the 6x10 inch designs for me. Please e-mail Joan.

Image of combination1.jpg
This is how one of the 5x7 inch designs was mirrored and embroidered next to the original design, to form one large design.

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