4x4 Lizards   $15   US

Please note, these lizards were digitized to stitch fast and therefore the stitch density in the fill stitches is much less than normal. Some has a lace fill and others only stitch with backstitch outlines. On dark fabrics, the fabric will show through the stitches.
Ideal for teeshirts, and for embroidery on linens. Little boys will love these lizards.

Please click on lizards to see large stitchout.

Image of erg4x4l01.jpg
Image of erg4x4l01a.jpg
Image of erg4x4l02.jpg
3.84x3.91 inches
3.84x3.91 inches
3.82x3.83 inches
Image of erg4x4l02a.jpg
Image of erg4x4l03.jpg
Image of erg4x4l04.jpg
3.82x3.83 inches
3.79x3.87 inches
2.37x2.41 inches
Image of erg4x4l04a.jpg
Image of erg4x4l05.jpg
Image of erg4x4l06.jpg
2.37x2.41 inches
2.43x2.52 inches
2.56x2.30 inches
Image of erg4x4l06a.jpg
Image of erg4x4l07.jpg
Image of erg4x4l08.jpg
2.56x2.30 inches
2.38x2.30 inches
2.26x2.66 inches

Image of erg4x4l08a.jpg

2.26x2.66 inches

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Image of erg4x4l05a.jpg
2.42x2.52 inches


5x7 Lizards   $10   US

Please click on lizards to see large stitchout.

Image of erg5x7l01.jpg
Image of erg5x7l02.jpg
Image of erg5x7l03.jpg
4.57x6.88 inches
4.55x6.84 inches
4.65x6.99 inches

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Projects and Ideas

Maybe you have a little boy in your life who loves lizards. Then you can embroider these lizards on his bed linens too. I can just imagine a lizard border on pillow cases and even on sheets. One can also sctatter the lizards and embroider them all over the sheets or pillow cases. This lizard stitch with the outlines only, so it will stitch quite fast.

Image of lizardborder.jpg

Image of lizardborder2.jpg

Image of lizardblock.jpg

Image of elsa0950.jpg
Image of elsa0970.jpg
With a little bit of effort one can make stunning bed linens with the 4x4 inch lizard designs. This pillowcase needed several hoopings to embroider a small lizard all over the front side of the pillowcase and then I embroidered a lizard border with one of the bigger lizards. The Red line between the border and the rest of the pillowcase, is a wide satin stitch that I stitched with my sewing machine. I made this pillowcase with sheeting fabric, but you can also embroider these designs on bought linens. Imagine how happy a little boy will be with such lizard bed linens.

Image of joan1347.jpg
Image of joan1353.jpg
Image of joan1351.jpg
Joan Wium has made the lovely little wall hanging and embroidered a tablecloth for her patio with the 4x4 and 5x7 inch lizard designs. Please e-mail Joan.

Image of lindacard.jpg
Image of lindadishtowel.jpg
Linda Madrid has made the lovely card and a dish towel with the lizards. She plans to make more cards, as she says she has a lot of grandsons who would like these lizards. Please e-mail Linda.

Image of elsa1016.jpg
Image of elsa1019.jpg

Image of elsa1027.jpg
Image of elsa1029.jpg
When I saw Joan's little wall hanging, it inspired me so much that I decided to make the pillows and a placemat with the lizards too. I also used some of the creative stitches on my sewing machine to fill up some of the blank areas.

Image of 0972.jpg
Image of 0978.jpg
Image of 0990.jpg
One can even make bejeweled lizards by using Swarovski crystals or hot fix metals on these designs.

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