Jumbo Ethnic Linen Borders    $20  US
16 Border designs

For the PR-600, Babylock BMP-6, Innovis 4000, Babylock Ellegante, Viking DSE and Pfaff Creative Vision only.

This set of designs are totally different from my other designs. I had guest houses and game lodges in mind when I created these designs, but these designs can be used on sheets, pillowcases, towels, tablecloth borders, placemats and even for border patterns on quilts and curtains.

For matching smaller designs, please look at the Ethnic Elements designs, which can be used to create more borders or to embroider small articles like napkins and facecloths. People with smaller machines than the above mentioned, can also use the Ethnic Elemets designs to create their own borders and by doing several hoopings, the same borders can be embroidered on much smaller machines.

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All designs are 12 inches or 300mm wide.

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Projects with these designs

Image of reenas1.jpg
Image of reenas2.jpg
These are pillowcases that I've bought to embroider some of the linen borders on. I put the pillowcases back in the original plastic bags they were bought in, so they won't get dirty. I don't want anyone to think that I've copied these designs from bought linens.

Image of joandishcloths.jpg
Image of joannapkins.jpg
Joan Wium embroidered the dishcloths, napkins and brown towels below when she tested these designs on her Innovis 4000 machine. Please e-mail Joan.

Image of monicapillowcase.jpg
Image of joantowels2.jpg
Monica Powell made the white pillowcase when she tested these designs on her new Pfaff Creative Vision. Please e-mail Monica.

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