Tone on Tone Leaves    $15 US

These designs are ideal for all kinds of table linens, clothing and even bed linens. The designs stitch very fast and can be embroidered in two colors, or even in one color only.

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2.59x3.83 inches
2.65x3.86 inches
3.27x3.49 inches
2.70x3.87 inches
Image of egal05.jpg
Image of egal06.jpg
Image of egal07.jpg
Image of egal07mir.jpg
3.06x3.53 inches
2.50x2.36 inches
3.46x2.29 inches
3.46x2.29 inches
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Image of egal09.jpg
Image of egal10.jpg
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2.43x2.12 inches
3.81x3.81 inches
1.98x2.43 inches
3.30x3.11 inches
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Image of egal13.jpg
Image of egal14.jpg
Image of egal15.jpg
1.85x1.61 inches
2.89x2.89 inches
1.49x1.49 inches
1.80x2.09 inches
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Image of egal17.jpg

1.45x1.40 inches
2.29x2.61 inches

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Two of my testers made these projects when they tested these designs for me. The placemat and napkin were made by Jean Lloyd of Mebane, North Carolina, USA.  PleaseE-mail Jean.  

Sue Halter of Belton, Texas, USA made the table topper. Please E-mail Sue
Image of leavestabletopper.jpg

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Jo Lynch of Australia made this lovely table runner with these designs. I really like how Jo picked her thread colors to match the fabric.
Please e-mail Jo.

Image of lindasuedepurse.jpg
This beautiful Brown faux suede purse was made by Linda Madrid of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Please e-mail Linda

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