6x10 Floral Collection 4   $20  US

One design is a jean leg design and the other two can be used in front of a blouse, sweaters or even on table linens.

Please look at the sizes of the designs before you order these large designs. They are called 6x10 inch designs, but the actual 6x10 inch hoop is a little larger than 6x10 inches.

Click on thumbnails for a larger image of the actual stitchouts.

Image of ergj2jl1.jpg
5.11x10.18 inches
129.70x258.50 mm
Image of ergj2j1.jpg
10.21x5.73 inches     259.30x145.50 mm
Image of ergj2j2.jpg
10.20x5.65 inches     259.20x143.40 mm

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PR-600 Floral Collection 4   $25  US
Only for the Brother PR-600, Brother Innovis 4000, Baby Lock BMP-6, Baby Lock Elegante and Industrial ( DST fomat) machines.

Image of ergj2jl1.jpg
5.84x11.63 inches
148.30x295.50 mm
Image of ergj2j1.jpg
11.76x6.60 inches     298.80x167.70 mm
Image of ergj2j2.jpg
11.76x6.50 inches     298.80x165.20 mm

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Image of floral4tablecloth.jpg

Design 1 for the PR-600 was repeated 8 times all around this small tablecloth. Such a project can also be used as a table center for a large round table.

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