Jumbo Heirloom Corners     $20     US

For the PR-600, Babylock BMP-6, Innovis 4000, Babylock Ellegante and Pfaff Creative Vision only.
Now also available as 8x8 inch designs in JEF format for the Janome MB-4 and Janome MC 11000

These designs perfectly match the Heirloom Collection 2 designs.

Image of ergjhc01.jpg
Image of ergjhc01a.jpg
11.31x4.22 inches         287.30x107.10 mm
11.58x3.74 inches         294.10x94.90 mm
Image of ergjhc02.jpg
Image of ergjhc03.jpg
11.78x7.85 inches         299.10x199.40 mm
11.78x7.85 inches         299.10x199.40 mm
Image of ergjhc04.jpg
Image of ergjhc05.jpg
11.74x7.04 inches         298.30x178.70 mm
11.59x7.79 inches         294.30x197.80 mm
Image of ergjhc06.jpg
11.78x7.85 inches         299.10x199.40 mm

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Brother Innovis 4000/ Baby Lock Ellegante

Pfaff Creative Vision

Brother PR-600/Baby Lock BMP-6  

JEF format

Please note, these designs are exactly the same, but they were just rotated and decreased very little, to make them fit the 8x8 (220x200mm) inch hoop.

Image of jefergjhc01.jpg
Image of jefergjhc01a.jpg
Image of jefergjhc02.jpg
Image of jefergjhc03.jpg
7.80x7.80 inches
7.80x7.79 inches
7.82x7.80 inches
7.78x7.76 inches
Image of jefergjhc04.jpg
Image of jefergjhc05.jpg
Image of jefergjhc06.jpg

7.83x7.79 inches
7.83x7.83 inches
7.85x7.83 inches

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Compare the sizes
The images in Red are the original designs for the PR-600, BMP 6 and Pfaff Creative Vision. The ones in colours are the new 8x8 inch size, just rotated in the original position of the other designs.

Image of compare1.jpg
Image of compare2.jpg
Image of compare3.jpg
15,478 stitches (8x8)
16,957 stitches (original)
19,170 stitches (8x8)
21,496 stitches (original)
18,477 stitches (8x8)
22,929 stitches (original)


Image of jo0998.jpg

Jo Lynch from Australia has made the two beautiful projects above and below when she tested these designs for me. Jo asked me if I could split these large designs for her and afterwards I realized that if I just rotate them and make them a tiny bit smaller, they would fit the 8x8 inch hoop of her Janome MC 11000 machine.
Please e-mail Jo.

Image of jo1000.jpg

Image of joandscf1219.jpg

Joan Wium tests for me on a Brother Innovis 4000 machine and she has made this lovely small tablecloth and matching pillow with these large Heirloom designs.
Please e-mail Joan

Image of joandscf1221.jpg Image of joandscf1223.jpg

Image of luise01.jpg
Image of luise02.jpg

Luise Posch has made these lovely dog coats and on one of them she used the Heirloom Corner designs on this page.   Please e-mail Luise.

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