Hummingbirds with Lace Fill  $30 US

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5x7 = 5.26x5.10 inches
6x6 = 6.27x6.27 inches
7x7 = 7.06x7.06 inches
8x8 = 7.85x7.84 inches
5x7 = 6.07x4.96 inches
6x6 = 6.27x6.26 inches
7x7 = 7.05x7.05 inches
8x8 = 7.84x7.84 inches
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5x7 = 4.11x7.06 inches
6x6 = 6.18x6.22 inches
7x7 = 6.99x7.06 inches
8x8 = 7.76x7.85 inches
5x7 = 4,11x7.06 inches
6x6 = 6.25x6.13 inches
7x7 = 7.06x6.93 inches
8x8 = 7.84x7.70 inches
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5x7 = 5.06x5.35 inches
6x6 = 5.92x6.27 inches
7x7 = 7.06x6.69 inches
8x8 = 7.84x7.43 inches
5x7 = 53.91x7.06 inches
6x6 = 5.34x6.26 inches
7x7 = 6.03x7.06 inches
8x8 = 6.69x7.85 inches
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5x7 = 4.85x7.05 inches
6x6 = 6.02x6.27 inches
7x7 = 6.80x7.06 inches
8x8 = 7.55x7.85 inches
5x7 = 5.02x5.04 inches
6x6 = 6.25x6.26 inches
7x7 = 7.06x7.05 inches
8x8 = 7.83x7.84 inches

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5x7 = 5.10x6.48 inches
6x6 = 5.05x6.25 inches
7x7 = 5.70x7.06 inches
8x8 = 6.33x7.84 inches
5x7 = 4.73x6.41 inches
6x6 = 6.27x6.11 inches
7x7 =7.06x6.90 inches
8x8 = 7.85x7.66 inches

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5x7 Hummingbirds with Lace Fill

6x6 Hummingbirds with Lace Fill

7x7 Hummingbirds with Lace Fill

8x8 Hummingbirds with Lace Fill


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This lovely tablecloth was made by Monica Powell.

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