Fundraiser Collection   $25 US!!
60 designs!

These designs will stitch very fast and also don't have many color changes. They are ideal on articles for fundraising and therefore I have them available in three sizes too. The smaller the article, the smaller the design that you embroider on it!!

Ideal for face cloths, Fingertip towels, checkbook covers, baby clothes, baby bibs, coat hanger covers, girl's dresses, on soap or candles, or any small articles you can think of to sew for selling at fundraising events or church bazaars.
We had a craft market at church last November and these were designs that I picked from previous collections, as well as a few new ones that I digitized. I used them myself and I know these are ideal for such fundraising projects. Usually these articles must be on the "cheap" side, so one cannot embroider designs that will take long to stitch, or which have too many color changes.

To some of my regular customers, who buy ALL my designs, or have most of my designs, please note that you will have some of these designs already. It is for you to decide if you want to have the extra two sizes, since these designs are in three sizes now.

The frame around each design represents the 4 x 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.
Image of 01large.jpg
Image of 01med.jpg
Image of 01small.jpg
Image of 02large.jpg
Image of 02med.jpg
Image of 02small.jpg
Image of 03large.jpg
Image of 03med.jpg
Image of 03small.jpg
Image of 04large.jpg
Image of 04med.jpg
Image of 04small.jpg
Image of 05large.jpg
Image of 05med.jpg
Image of 05small.jpg
Image of 06large.jpg
Image of 06med.jpg
Image of 06small.jpg
Image of 07large.jpg
Image of 07med.jpg
Image of 07small.jpg
Image of 08large.jpg
Image of 08med.jpg
Image of 08small.jpg
Image of 09large.jpg
Image of 09med.jpg
Image of 09small.jpg
Image of 10large.jpg
Image of 10med.jpg
Image of 10small.jpg
Image of 11large.jpg
Image of 11med.jpg
Image of 11small.jpg
Image of 12large.jpg
Image of 12med.jpg
Image of 12small.jpg
Image of 13large.jpg
Image of 13med.jpg
Image of 13small.jpg
Image of 14large.jpg
Image of 14med.jpg
Image of 14small.jpg
Image of 15large.jpg
Image of 15med.jpg
Image of 15small.jpg
Image of 16large.jpg
Image of 16med.jpg
Image of 16small.jpg
Image of 17large.jpg
Image of 17med.jpg
Image of 17small.jpg
Image of 18large.jpg
Image of 18med.jpg
Image of 18small.jpg
Image of 19large.jpg
Image of 19med.jpg
Image of 19small.jpg
Image of 20large.jpg
Image of 20med.jpg
Image of 20small.jpg

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Projects with these designs

Image of facecloths.jpg
Image of fingertiptowels.jpg
These facecloths and fingertip towels were made for a craft market at my church.
Image of fabricbowl1.jpg
Image of fabricbowl2.jpg
Linda Madrid, from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, made this lovely fabric bowl. Linda is also one of my testers. The directions for the fabric bowls are out of a book called "Fast Fun and Easy Fabric Bowls by Linda Johansen.
There are 5 different shapes you can do. Please e-mail Linda.

Image of notebookandbib.jpg
The baby bib, notebook cover and beautiful daisy Cardigan were made by one of my South African testers, Monica Powel. Please e-mail Monica.
Image of monica.jpg

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