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This collection is ideal for girls dresses, Christening gowns, and for bed and table linens. I have each design  in three sizes, to make this collection more versatile. The possibilities with this set, is endless. I used pastel colors for these designs, but they also look very cheerful in bright colors.
The frame around each design represents the 4 x 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.
Image of ergfc201.jpg
Image of ergfc202.jpg
Image of ergfc203.jpg
Image of ergfc204.jpg
Image of ergfc205.jpg
Image of ergfc206.jpg
Image of ergfc207.jpg
Image of ergfc208.jpg
Image of ergfc209.jpg
Image of ergfc210.jpg
Image of ergfc211.jpg
Image of ergfc212.jpg
Image of ergfc213.jpg
Image of ergfc214.jpg
Image of ergfc215.jpg
Image of ergfc216.jpg
Image of ergfc217.jpg
Image of ergfc218.jpg
Image of ergfc219.jpg
Image of ergfc220.jpg
Image of ergfc221.jpg
Image of ergfc222.jpg
Image of ergfc223.jpg
Image of ergfc224.jpg
Image of ergfc225.jpg
Image of ergfc226.jpg
Image of ergfc227.jpg
Image of ergfc228.jpg
Image of ergfc229.jpg
Image of ergfc230.jpg
Image of ergfc231.jpg
Image of ergfc232.jpg
Image of ergfc233.jpg
Image of ergfc234.jpg
Image of ergfc235.jpg

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Project Ideas

Here are are some quick ideas I played with, by using only a few of the designs in this collection. Imagine how these borders will look on the hem of a girl's dress or for a border pattern on a tablecloth or sheets.

Image of ergfc2bordera.jpg
Image of ergfc2borderb.jpg
Image of ergfc2borderbe.jpg
Image of ergfc2borderf.jpg
I am going to embroider the image above on a Christening gown. As soon as it is finished, I will put up a picture for you to see.

Image of gown1.jpg
Image of gown2.jpg

Image of gown3.jpg
Because this Christening gown was made out of Organza, it wasn't possible to take clearer pictures of the Christening gown. I would have preferred to make the Christening gown with Voile, but it wasn't available, when I needed it. I did free hand stippling under the scalloped border. Since I also couldn't find anything better, I had to use freezer paper, which I ironed onto the Organza, before I did the stippling. If you try this, just remove the freezer paper very carefully.

Image of elsawindowpane3.jpg
Image of elsawindowpane4.jpg
The smaller designs in Flower Collection 2 are ideal for Window Pane Shirts too. I only used two designs and repeated them on all the blocks. I used the honeycomb stitch on my sewing machine to finish off the shirt. The creative stitches on our sewing machines are neglected so much and can be used in combination with machine embroidery very successfully.

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