Jumbo Floral Necklines    $30     US

For the Brother PR-600, Baby Lock BMP-6, Brother Innovis 4000, Baby Lock Ellegante and Pfaff Creative Vision machines only.

Each design can be stitched in 5 different ways. There are only two different designs, but each design stitches with different color breaks and different stitch densities.

Image of neckline01.jpg
Image of neckline02.jpg
Image of neckline03.jpg
Image of neckline04.jpg
11.78x7.68 inches
299.20x195.00 mm
11.78x7.68 inches
299.20x195.00 mm
11.74x7.65 inches
298.30x194.30 mm
11.74x7.65 inches
298.30x194.30 mm
Image of neckline05.jpg

Image of neckline06.jpg
11.70x7.63 inches
297.30x193.80 mm

11.76x7.63 inches
298.80x174.40 mm
Image of neckline07.jpg
Image of neckline08.jpg
Image of neckline09.jpg
Image of neckline10.jpg
11.76x7.87 inches
298.80x174.40 mm
11.72x6.87 inches
297.70x174.40 mm
11.72x6.87 inches
297.70x174.40 mm
11.72x6.87 inches
297.70x174.40 mm

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Floral Necklines - Innovis 4000/Ellegante

Floral Necklines - Pfaff Creative Vision

Floral Necklines - PR-600/BMP-6

Projects with these designs

Image of floralneckline06.jpg
Image of floralneckline05.jpg
Monica Powell used the second design for both these tops. The White top was embroidered with the design with outlines only and the design with less stitches was used for the black top. Both tops were stitched with metallic threads and with her Pfaff Creative Vision machine. Please e-mail Monica

Image of marionet1.jpg
The teeshirt above was embroidered with the first design in the normal stitch density and metallic thread was used for the outline on the flowers and for the flower centers.

Image of scf1213.jpg
This knitted top was embroidered by Joan Wium. Joan used the first design and she used  the design with less stitches and metallic threads for the leaves, flower outlines and the flower centers. Please e-mail Joan

Image of scf1210.jpg
Joan Wium used both the designs in this beautiful project. Please e-mail Joan.

Image of layout2.jpg
Design #1 was used for this idea.

Image of margarettablecenter.jpg
Margaret Johnson of Western Australia made this lovely table center when she tested this design on her Brother Innovis machine. Please e-mail Margaret.

Image of withbronze.jpg
Silver and Bronze metallic threads on black fabric.

Below is the same design, but with Bronze hot fix metals added to it.
Image of img0427.jpg

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