There are two collections on this page.

These designs are ideal for table- and bed linens and even on towels.
The 4x4 inch and 5x7 inch designs are different and therefore both sets can be bought at a special price of $30 too.

4x4 Floral Collection 4   $15  US

Image of ergj24x400.jpg
Image of ergj24x401.jpg
Image of ergj24x402.jpg
2.03x1.67 inches
2.60x3.90 inches
1.92x2.60 inches
Image of ergj24x403.jpg
Image of ergj24x404.jpg
Image of ergj24x405.jpg
3.91x3.39 inches
3.91x3.02 inches
3.79x3.85 inches
Image of ergj24x406.jpg
Image of ergj24x407.jpg
Image of ergj24x408.jpg
1.72x2.25 inches
1.29x2.43 inches
3.92x1.18 inches

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5x7 Floral Collection 4   $20  US

Image of ergj25x701.jpg
Image of ergj25x702.jpg
Image of ergj25x703.jpg
Image of ergj25x704.jpg
4.613x6.94 inches
5.15x3.37 inches
4.94x5.26 inches
5.00x5.46 inches

Image of ergj25x705.jpg
7.05x3.36 inches

The two designs on the right can be combined to form a jean leg design. Embroider design Ergj2jl16x10a first at the bottom of the jean leg and then design Ergj2jl16x10b, just above it. Please look at the picture embroidered on denim. A white line will show each part and how the two parts were combined.
The two designs can also be embroidered seperately, although the bottom part is very similar to design #3.
Image of ergj2jl16x10a.jpg
Image of ergj2jl16x10b.jpg
5.06x5.00 inches
2.26x5.92 inches
Image of 5x7jeanleg.jpg

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Floral Collection 4 Special   $30  US
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Image of floral4onlinen.jpg
Image of overlay.jpg
Joan Wium made these projects for her daughter's bedroom. She used the 5x7 inch designs and she also embroidered her daughter's jeans with the 5x7 split designs in two hoopings. Please e-mail Joan

Image of nathalejeans.jpg

Ideas how to create large quilt blocks with the 5x7 inch designs.

With a little extra effort and with 4 hoopings, you can embroider wonderful large quilt blocks with these designs.

Image of block1with5x701.jpg
Image of block2with5x701.jpg
Image of block1with5x702.jpg
11.75x11.75 inches
Block 1 with design 5x701
11.75x11.75 inches
Block 2 with design 5x701
9.87x9.87 inches
Block 1 with design 5x702

Image of block2with5x702.jpg
Image of block3with5x702.jpg
Image of block4with5x702.jpg
9.87x9.87 inches
Block 2 with design 5x702
9.87x9.87 inches
Block 3 with design 5x703
11.20x11.20 inches
Block 4 with design 5x702

Image of blockwithdesign4.jpg
Image of block1with5x705.jpg
Image of block2with5x705.jpg
10.62x10.62 inches
Block with design 5x704
10.80x10.80 inches
Block 1 with design 5x705
13.13x13.13 inches
Block 2 with design 5x705

Image of block3with5x705.jpg
Image of block4with5x705.jpg
Image of tablecenteridea.jpg
10.10x10.10 inches
Block 3 with design 5x705
11.54x11.54 inches
Block 4 with design 5x705
24.00x24.00 inches
Design 5x705 is ideal for a border pattern.

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