Elsa's Favorite Florals    $80   US

These designs are the designs that I digitized for Bernina and which was sold by Bernina as one of their Studio Cards. Since the license has expired and because so many people who use other formats than ART and PES formats were interested to buy these designs, I now decided to sell these designs in other formats too.

The small set of Dogwood designs are below the images of the full collection

Image of sbeff01.jpg
3.81x3.87 inches
14,497 stitches
Image of sbeff02.jpg
3.58x3.84 inches
9,725 stitches
Image of sbeff03.jpg
2.61x2.49 inches
6,285 stitches
Image of sbeff04.jpg
2.44x2.50 inches
4,444 stitches
Image of sbeff05.jpg
1.09x2.28 inches
2,426 stitches
Image of sbeff06.jpg
3.91 x 3.90 inches
13,724 stitches
Image of sbeff07.jpg
1.67x0.85 inches
1,425 stitches
Image of sbeff08.jpg
3.85x3.48 inches
14,644 stitches
Image of sbeff09.jpg
2.69x3.74 inches
9,283 stitches
Image of sbeff10.jpg
3.17x1.61 inches
3,802 stitches
Image of sbeff11.jpg
1.27x1.46 inches
1,158 stitches
Image of sbeff12.jpg
3.88x3.82 inches
17,395 stitches
Image of sbeff13.jpg
3.85x3.89 inches
18,304 stitches
Image of sbeff14.jpg
2.72x3.73 inches
9,562 stitches
Image of sbeff15.jpg
2.89x3.89 inches
8,254 stitches
Image of sbeff16.jpg
3.86x1.20 inches
4,105 stitches
Image of sbeff17.jpg
2.56x3.90 inches
7,733 stitches
Image of sbeff18.jpg
3.87x3.85 inches
13,404 stitches
Image of sbeff19.jpg
1.83x1.86 inches
4,042 stitches
Image of sbeff20.jpg
2.09x1.49 inches
2,525 stitches
Image of sbeff21.jpg
3.86x3.71 inches
5,284 stitches
Image of sbeff22.jpg
3.88x2.84 inches
10,042 stitches
Image of sbeff23.jpg
3.88x3.84 inches
14,801 stitches
Image of sbeff24.jpg
2.17x2.78 inches
5,198 stitches
Image of sbeff25.jpg
2.58x0.92 inches
2,460 stitches
Image of sbeff26.jpg
3.79x3.48 inches
10,218 stitches
Image of sbeff27.jpg
3.17x3.84 inches
9,063 stitches
Image of sbeff28.jpg
1.10x1.53 inches
1,318 stitches
Image of sbeff29.jpg
1.37x1.29 inches
1,062 stitches
Image of sbeff30.jpg
3.87x2.20 inches
7,705 stitches
Image of sbeff31.jpg
3.85x1.89 inches
6,535 stitches
Image of sbeff32.jpg
3.57x3.58 inches
9,232 stitches
Image of sbeff33.jpg
3.01x2.13 inches
3,080 stitches
Image of sbeff34.jpg
3.84x1.48 inches
2,955 stitches
Image of sbeff35.jpg
1.81x0.63 inches
674 stitches
Image of sbeff36.jpg
1.07x0.98 inches
962 stitches
Image of sbeff37.jpg
3.59x3.12 inches
11,493 stitches
Image of sbeff38.jpg
3.34x2.94 inches
11,335 stitches
Image of sbeff39.jpg
3.07x2.43 inches
7,866 stitches
Image of sbeff40.jpg
3.03x3.23 inches
5,528 stitches
Image of sbeff41.jpg
1.90x1.72 inches
2,657 stitches
Image of sbeff42.jpg
3.88x3.46 inches
12,558 stitches

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                     Dogwood Designs    $10 US
Many people asked for dogwood designs only and therefore I decided to sell these 4x4 inch designs as a small set.
Image of sbeff01.jpg
Image of sbeff02.jpg
Image of sbeff03.jpg
Image of sbeff03a.jpg

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Image of vflower1.jpg
Image of vflower2.jpg
Lisa Smith, of Centreville, Virginia, USA, sent me these two pictures of an outfit she made for her daughter. Please e-mail Lisa.

Image of veramallard.jpg
Image of veramallard1.jpg
Vera Mallard made these beautiful pillows, using the designs from Elsa's Favorite Florals. This is what she wrote:

"Mrs. Goussard:
I purchased your Elsa's Floral Designs in .art format from my local dealer. I purchase only a few cards as they are so expensive, however this card was more than worth the price.  I love these designs. They stitch out beautifully even enlarged in the artista software.

I have downloaded thousands of designs from the web and purchased several other cards. I must say without reservation that your card is my very favorite and I use it more than any other designs I have."

Please e-mail Vera.

Image of dsc00206.jpg
Image of dsc0204.jpg
I took the pictures of this doily and table runner at the American Embroidery Conference in Baca Ration, Florida, but I honostly can't remember who made them. The designs were embroidered on bought articles.

Project Ideas

Here are some ideas on how you can use these designs. The ideas are for quilt blocks, centers for table cloths and also for border patterns.
Image of projectidea1.jpg
Image of projectidea4.jpg
Image of projectidea2.jpg

Image of projectidea3.jpg

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