Fantasy Ladies   $20    US

These designs may not be to everyone's liking, but I fell in love with them when I first saw the clipart. They will make a wonderful quilt for a teenage daughter, can be embroidered on clothing and you can also add beads, pearls, buttons, earrings and hot fix crystals or metals if you like.

Please click on thumbnails to see large stitchouts.

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6x6 Fantasy Ladies

6x6 = 6"x6" (160x160mm)

6x10 Fantasy Ladies

6x10 = 6"x10" (160x260mm)

7x7 Fantasy Ladies

7x7 = 7"x 7" (180x180mm)

7x12 Fantasy Ladies

7x12 = 7x11" (180x300mm)

8x8 Fantasy Ladies

8x8 = 7"x7" (200x200mm)

8x12 Fantasy Ladies

8x12 = 7"x11" (200x300mm)

Image of monicatotes.jpg

Monica Powell made these lovely totes when she tested these designs.

Image of joan2797.jpg Image of joan2795.jpg

Joan Wium embroidered these designs on T/shirts and added a few hot-fix crystals to the hair.

Image of 8x8ergfl02aa.jpg Image of 8x8ergfl10aa.jpg
Image of 8x8ergfl10aa.jpg Image of 8x8ergfl04aa.jpg
Image of 8x8ergfl06aa.jpg

I wanted to make a wall hanging with these designs, but didn't have time to do it. Then I decided to play with the hot fix metals and crystals, so I can have more pictures to give my customers ideas. I didn't have blank T/shirts to embroider on, but later on I am going to stitch these blocks on the fronts of blank T/shirts.

I also have some blocks embroiderdd on beige fabric, with darker beige threads. To these blocks I am going to add lace, satin ribbon and pearl beads or even hot fix pearls. I have a very feminine quilt in mind for a teenage girl or a woman's bedroom.

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