4x4 Ethnic Elements    $15  US

With these Ethnic Elements designs anyone can create their own border designs like the Jumbo Ethnic borders. Please look at all the ideas at the bottom of this page. One can also use the single designs to embroider placemats, napkins and facecloths.

Image of erg4x4b01.jpg
Image of erg4x4b02.jpg
Image of erg4x4b03.jpg
Image of erg4x4b04.jpg
3.36x1.56 inches
3.36x1.56 inches
3.36x1.56 inches
3.36x1.56 inches
Image of erg4x4b05.jpg
Image of erg4x4b06.jpg
Image of erg4x4b07.jpg
Image of erg4x4b08.jpg
1.72x1.72 inches
1.72x1.70 inches
0.85x1.78 inches
2.71x1.29 inches
Image of erg4x4b09.jpg
Image of erg4x4b10.jpg
Image of erg4x4b11.jpg
Image of erg4x4b12.jpg
1.42x1.48 inches
1.31x1.48 inches
1.89x1.48 inches
2.04x1.54 inches
Image of erg4x4b13.jpg
Image of erg4x4b14.jpg
Image of erg4x4b15.jpg
Image of erg4x4b16.jpg
1.49x1.48 inches
1.17x1.17 inches
3.91x0.77 inches
3.89x0.71 inches
Image of erg4x4b17.jpg
Image of erg4x4b17a.jpg
Image of erg4x4b18.jpg
Image of erg4x4b19.jpg
3.89x0.93 inches
3.89x0.90 inches
1.70x0.65 inches
1.73x0.69 inches
Image of erg4x4b20.jpg
Image of erg4x4b21.jpg
Image of erg4x4b22.jpg
Image of erg4x4b23.jpg
0.59x1.23 inches
0.83x1.65 inches
3.90x1.15 inches
2.05x1.15 inches

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Sample design

Image of erg4x4b24.jpg
3.06x1.47 inches
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Projects and Ideas

Here are some ideas for design combinations, which you can use to create your own borders. For borders you will have to hoop several times, depending on what you want to make. People with 5x7 inch, 6x10 inch and continious hoops, can combine these single designs in their own software and embroider more than one design in one hooping. Have a look at the web page for the Jumbo Linen Borders to get more ideas!!

Image of joyce1.jpg
Image of joyce2.jpg
The images above and below are from test stitchouts when the border designs were tested on a Baby Lock Ellegante machine. By multi hoopings you can also embroider borders like this.

Image of joyce3.jpg

Image of kathy01.jpg
Image of kathy02.jpg
Image of kathy03.jpg

The images above and below are also combinations which Kathy Harris did when she tested these designs on Artista machines. The leaves look really nice with the varigated thread.

Image of kathy04.jpg
Image of kathy6.jpg
Image of kathy5.jpg

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