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All these designs have 4 colors only, which make that they will stitch very fast. I used shades of Blue, White, and metallic Gold. You are welcome to use any colors, you like. Because all the designs only have 4 colors, I am not going to give a color chart, with thread numbers, like I usually do.

People who can embroider in a 4 x 4 inch stitching area only, can still combine these designs, to get one large design. Because these designs were all manually punched, you can mirror image all the designs yourself.  Some of these designs come in two different sizes, to give you more options.

4x4 inch Denim Collection  $25
Now $10 US

The frame around each design represents the 4 x 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size, as you see them in each frame.
Image of 4x4den01.jpg
Image of 4x4den02.jpg
Image of 4x4den03.jpg
Image of 4x4den04.jpg
Image of 4x4den05.jpg
Image of 4x4den06.jpg
Image of 4x4den07.jpg
Image of 4x4den08.jpg
Image of 4x4den09.jpg
Image of 4x4den10.jpg
Image of 4x4den11.jpg
Image of 4x4den12.jpg
Image of 4x4den13.jpg
Image of 4x4den14.jpg
Image of 4x4den15.jpg
Image of 4x4den16.jpg
Image of 4x4den17.jpg
Image of 4x4den18.jpg
Image of 4x4den19.jpg
Image of 4x4den20.jpg
Image of 4x4den21.jpg
Image of 4x4den22.jpg
Image of 4x4den23.jpg
Image of 4x4den24.jpg
Image of 4x4den25.jpg
Image of 4x4den26.jpg
Image of 4x4den27.jpg
Image of 4x4den28.jpg
Image of 4x4den29.jpg
Image of 4x4den30.jpg
Image of 4x4den31.jpg
Image of 4x4den32.jpg
Image of 4x4den33.jpg

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5x7 inch Denim Collection  $20
Now $10 US

These designs are for the Brother, BabyLock, Viking Designer, Singer XL1000, Janome MC 10000, and for industrial machines, which all stitch designs of 5 x 7 inches and larger.

Image of 4x4collar01.jpg
Image of 4x4collar02.jpg
Image of 4x4den03s.jpg
Image of 4x4inchpocket.jpg
Image of 5x7inchdenim04.jpg
The two designs on the left of the screen, are for collars. The ones on the right, are for pockets.

Image of 5x7inchbackleft.jpg
Image of 5x7inchbackcenter.jpg
These three designs form one large pattern, which can be embroidered at the back of a jacket, or shirt.
Image of 5x7inchbackright.jpg
Image of denimback1.jpg

Image of 5x7inchfront.jpg
This design is ideal for the front of a T/Shirt, or a sweater.

Image of 5x7inchdenim01.jpg
Image of 5x7inchdenim02.jpg
Image of 5x7inchdenim03.jpg
Image of 5x7inchcuff.jpg

These designs are ideal for large pockets, or even for cuffs. On pockets, pintucks can be stitched, on both sides, of these designs.

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Jumbo Denim Collection $30
Now $10 US

The way you see each Jumbo Hoop design, is the way it stitches in the Jumbo hoop, of the Brother 8500, or Super Galaxie 2100.

These designs are only for the Brother 8500, Super Galaxie 2100, and the Viking Designer 1!!!!!! People with the Super Galaxie 3000, Ellageo and Ultima machines, must order the PES V4 format.
Be warned, I am going to ignore customers, who order these jumbo designs, and who cannot use them!! They will also not get a refund, if they order these designs, and cannot use them afterwards!!! Too much of my time was wasted, on people, who ordered designs, which were not designed for their machines.

Image of jumbofrontleft.jpg
Image of jumbofrontright.jpg
Image of denimfront.jpg
These two designs were designed to be embroidered on the front of a blouse, or a jacket. To make the embroidery extra special, pearly beads can be worked in the centers of the flowers, of even on the leaves.

Image of jumbodenim02.jpg
These two designs are ideal for the front of a T/Shirt, or a sweater.
Image of jumbodenimfront.jpg

Image of jumbodenim01.jpg

This is an idea of how the design above can be used on a border for curtains, or even on a tablecloth.

Image of denimborder.jpg

Image of jumbofrontpanel.jpg
Image of jumbofrontpanelmirror.jpg
Image of jumbofrontpanel01mirror.jpg
Image of jumbofrontpanel01.jpg

The ideas below were what I had in mind when I created these designs, above.

Image of pintucks.jpg
Image of blouse.jpg

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Project Ideas

Image of marie1.jpg
Image of marie2.jpg
The late Marie Marais, who tested for me on a Viking machine, used designs from my denim collection on this beautiful outfit, she made for herself. She was an expert, with all kinds of sewing.

I would never have thought of making a quilt with these denim designs. Linda Madrid of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, made this wonderful quilt for a queen size bed and she used different shades of light brown and beige colors.
Image of denimquilt1.jpg
A close up look of one of the blocks, so you can see where Linda put Dawn's pearls. Please e-mail Linda
Image of denimquilt.jpg
Image of denimquilt2.jpg

Image of denimpurse.jpg Image of denimpurse1.jpg
I did the stippling with my sewing machine first, before I embroidered the design in Cream, Apricot and Metallic Gold threads on this purse, or toilet bag. I also put apricot pearly beads in the center of the design.

Image of jeans1.jpg
Image of jeans3.jpg
Verma Johnson, of Sweeny, Texas, USA had this clever idea. This is what she wrote:
"My daughter is tall and skinny, and it's hard to find jeans that are long enough and look "cool". So I cut the bottom of her jeans off and added the denim design on the bottom and sewed the bottom back on." Please e-mail Verna.

Image of bobbishirtfront.jpg
Image of normashirt.jpg
Image of bobbisshirtcloseup.jpg
Judy Dalton of Kansas City, Kansas, USA  used the denim designs on denim shirts in a very clever manner. Please e-mail Judy

Image of hat01.jpg
Image of hat02.jpg
Hannelore Gordon of Pinole, Califoria, USA sent me pictures of her denim sun hat.
Hannelore passed away since.

Image of cherylgarst.jpg
Cheryl Garst of Paris, Illinois, USA, sent me this picture. The stunning outfit was made by her 15 year old daugter, Anna. Anna received alternate grand champion on the outfit at the 4-H fair. Congratulations Anna!!!  Please e-mail Anna.
Image of denim3.jpg
Maggie Pitt of Cambridge, New York, USA made this lovely denim two piece outfit. Please e-mail Maggie

Image of bluewinner1.jpg Image of bluewinner2.jpg Image of bluewinner3.jpg
I forgot the name of this lady, but she won a Blue Ribbon Award with this stunning outfit. All I remember, is that she is from the Memphis area, Tennessee, USA. If you recognise these pictures, please send me your name, surname and where you live.

Image of veronica.jpg
Veronica Wood from Canada made these lovely two piece outfits. Please e-mail Veronica.
Image of veronicafabric.jpg

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