Crystal Florals 3   $35 US

This set of designs look lovely without Swarovski crystals too. For those who don't want to buy the Swarovski crystals, there are other ways to add a little sparkle to the designs. You can also hand sew on some pearly beads, Sequins or seed beads.

A Crystal kit for this set of designs is available at Design by Dawn. There are enough crystals in the kit to create two of each design.

Click on images below to see a larger image of the designs with Swarovski crystals and some designs with hot fix metals on them.

Image of ergcf301.jpg
Image of ergcf302.jpg
Image of ergcf303.jpg
Image of ergcf304.jpg
3.29x3.43 inches
2.85x3.77 inches
3.90x3.77 inches
3.90x3.77 inches
Image of ergcf305.jpg
Image of ergcf306.jpg
Image of ergcf307.jpg
Image of ergcf308.jpg
3.33x3.80 inches
2.95x3.22 inches
2.57x3.53 inches
1.82x2.43 inches
Image of ergcf309.jpg
Image of ergcf310.jpg
Image of ergfc311.jpg
Image of ergcf312.jpg
3.80x3.13 inches
3.64x3.70 inches
2.65x2.42 inches
3.59x3.32 inches
Image of ergcf313.jpg
Image of ergcf314.jpg
Image of ergcf315.jpg
Image of ergcf316.jpg
2.96x2.84 inches
2.06x1.93 inches
2.73x2.13 inches
2.11x2.28 inches
Image of ergcf317.jpg
Image of ergcf318.jpg
Image of ergfc319.jpg
Image of ergcf320.jpg
2.82x2.85 inches
2.08x2.11 inches
2.15x1.90 inches
1.44x1.28 inches

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Projects made with these designs.

Image of monicatabletopper.jpg
Monica Powell made this table topper with her test samples when she tested these designs for me. Please e-mail Monica.

Image of joanshirt4.jpg
This lovely blouse was embroidered by Joan Wium, when she also tested these designs for me. Look how effective a repeat of one design can be. Please e-mail Joan.

Image of joantablecloth.jpg
Joan Wium also made this lovely tablecloth. She only used three of the designs in this set. Please e-mail Joan

Image of jolynchdoily1.jpg

Jo Lynch of Australia made this lovely doily with one of the designs.
Please e-mail Jo.

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