Butterflies with Crystals  $25 US

These designs are ideal on children's clothing. I used Swarovski crystals and also some hot fix metals with these designs. Most designs have three colors only and can be embroidered in any color you like. Therefore I haven't created maps where to place the crystals. Since you can use any colors, this set is also ideal to use your leftover crystals and metals. The more colorful, the beter and the little girls will love it.

Image of ergbwc01.jpg
Image of ergbwc02.jpg
Image of ergbwc03.jpg
Image of ergbwc04.jpg
3.92 x 2.82 inches
3.70 x 3.78 inches
3.81 x 2.68 inches
2.02 x 2.06 inches
Image of ergbwc05.jpg
Image of ergbwc06a.jpg
Image of ergbwc07.jpg
Image of ergbwc08.jpg
3.91 x 3.81 inches
3.93 x 3.83 inches
3.88 x 2.67 inches
2.32 x 1.59 inches
Image of ergbwc09.jpg
Image of ergbwc10.jpg
Image of ergbwc11.jpg
Image of ergbwc12.jpg
3.85 x 3.85 inches
2.75 x 3.90 inches
2.52 x 3.57 inches
1.86 x 2.64 inches
Image of ergbwc13.jpg
Image of ergbwc14.jpg
Image of ergbwc15.jpg
Image of ergbwc16.jpg
1.56 x 2.21 inches
3.31 x 1.50 inches
2.28 x 1.49 inches
3.82 x 3.86 inches
Image of ergbwc17.jpg
Image of ergbwc18.jpg
Image of ergbwc19.jpg
Image of ergbwc20.jpg
3.91 x 1.77 inches
3.82 x 3.85 inches
3.88 x 1.76 inches
3.91 x 3.92 inches

Formats available

Please not, even if these designs are for a 4x4 inch hoop, the designs have been adjusted to fit the 3x5 inch hoop for SEW format.

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