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Crazy Pathwork is a wonderful way of using all kinds of left-over fabric. Here you can use fabrics with different textures and colors or you can use the same type of fabric and also in the same color range. These designs are ideal to add to crazy patchwork projects or they can be used for many other projects too.

The frame around each design represents the 4 X 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.
Image of ergcpe01.jpg
Image of ergcpe02.jpg
Image of ergcpe03.jpg
Image of ergcpe04.jpg
1.65x1.79 inches
2.77x3.45 inches
2.02x1.86 inches
2.56x2.54 inches
Image of ergcpe05.jpg
Image of ergcpe06.jpg
Image of ergcpe07.jpg
Image of ergcpe08.jpg
2.44x1.80 inches
2.03x3.05 inches
1.79x2.74 inches
2.57x3.27 inches
Image of ergcpe09.jpg
Image of ergcpe10.jpg
Image of ergcpe11.jpg
Image of ergcpe12.jpg
13.67x1.85 inches
2.81x2.61 inches
3.35x3.40 inches
2.25x2.04 inches
Image of ergcpe13.jpg
Image of ergcpe14.jpg
Image of ergcpe15.jpg
Image of ergcpe16.jpg
1.97x2.66 inches
2.56x2.34 inches
2.76x2.11 inches
1.69x3.27 inches
Image of ergcpe17.jpg
Image of ergcpe18.jpg
Image of ergcpe19.jpg
Image of ergcpe20.jpg
0.84x1.78 inches
1.14x2.40 inches
1.31x1.48 inches
2.02x2.02 inches
Image of ergcpe21.jpg
Image of ergcpe22.jpg
Image of ergcpe23.jpg
Image of ergcpe24.jpg
3.85x3.78 inches
3.13x3.78 inches
2.79x3.44 inches
1.03x1.29 inches
Image of ergcpe25.jpg
Image of ergcpe26.jpg
Image of ergcpe27.jpg
Image of ergcpe28.jpg
1.83x2.59 inches
1.22x1.70 inches
1.85x2.61 inches
2.79x1.99 inches
Image of ergcpe29.jpg
Image of ergcpe30.jpg
Image of ergcpe31.jpg
Image of ergcpe32.jpg
0.90x2.39 inches
0.98x2.24 inches
2.24x2.10 inches
1.09x1.42 inches
Image of ergcpe33.jpg
Image of ergcpe34.jpg
Image of ergcpe35.jpg
Image of ergcpe36.jpg
0.59x1.23 inches
1.45x1.40 inches
2.31x2.26 inches
1.46x1.41 inches
Image of ergcpe37.jpg
Image of ergcpe38.jpg
Image of ergcpe39.jpg
Image of ergcpe40.jpg
2.08x2.11 inches
1.44x1.28 inches
2.96x2.71 inches
1.98x2.11 inches
Image of ergcpe41.jpg
Image of ergcpe42.jpg
Image of ergcpe43.jpg
Image of ergcpe44.jpg
2.03x2.09 inches
2.37x1.74 inches
2.01x1.96 inches
2.38x1.56 inches
Image of ergcpe45.jpg
Image of ergcpe46.jpg
Image of ergcpe47.jpg
Image of ergcpe48.jpg
2.75x1.90 inches
2.43x2.47 inches
1.74x2.24 inches
2.51x3.22 inches
Image of ergcpe50.jpg
Image of ergcpe51.jpg
Image of ergcpe52.jpg
Image of ergcpe53.jpg
1.74x1.84 inches
2.70x3.36 inches
2.50x3.33 inches
1.76x2.60 inches
Image of ergcpe54.jpg
Image of ergcpe55.jpg
Image of ergcpe56.jpg
Image of ergcpe57.jpg
1.92x2.48 inches
1.62x2.38 inches inches
3.64x0.32 inches
Image of ergcpe58.jpg
Image of ergcpe59.jpg
Image of ergcpe60.jpg
Image of ergcpe61.jpg
3.65x0.47 inches
3.73x0.28 inches
3.76x0.35 inches
1.79x1.77 inches
Image of ergcpe62.jpg
Image of ergcpe63.jpg
Image of ergcpe64.jpg
Image of ergcpe65.jpg
1.08x1.07 inches
1.72x3.89 inches
1.13x2.52 inches
2.28x2.33 inches
Image of ergcpe66.jpg
Image of ergcpe67.jpg
Image of ergcpe68.jpg
Image of ergcpe69.jpg
1.56x1.56 inches
1.07x1.07 inches
1.06x1.07 inches
1.61x1.61 inches
Image of ergcpe70.jpg
Image of ergcpe71.jpg
Image of ergcpe72.jpg
Image of ergcpe73.jpg
1.93x1.98 inches
1.07x1.09 inches
1.49x1.52 inches
2.29x2.31 inches
Image of ergcpe74.jpg
Image of ergcpe75.jpg
Image of ergcpe76.jpg
Image of ergcpe77.jpg
1.81x1.73 inches
3.09x3.84 inches
1.38x1.75 inches
1.75x3.14 inches
Image of ergcpe78.jpg
Image of ergcpe79.jpg
Image of ergcpe80.jpg
Image of ergcpe81.jpg
1.69x1.41 inches
1.17x2.18 inches
1.41x1.44 inches
2.59x2.49 inches
Image of ergcpe82.jpg
Image of ergcpe83.jpg
Image of ergcpe84.jpg
Image of ergcpe85.jpg
2.31x1.96 inches
2.23x2.18 inches
1.56x1.53 inches
1.84x1.69 inches
Image of ergcpe86.jpg
Image of ergcpe87.jpg
Image of ergcpe88.jpg
Image of ergcpe89.jpg
1.66x2.03 inches
2.15x1.65 inches
3.01x1.61 inches
3.87x0.38 inches

Image of ergcpe90.jpg
Image of ergcpe91.jpg

3.87x0.73 inches
2.76x3.70 inches

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Image of ergcpe49.jpg
2.51x2.21 inches

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Project ideas

Image of crazypatchwork.jpg
The image above is of an 8x8 inch Crazy Patchwork quilt blocks I was working on 4 years ago. The block designs were finished, but I still needed to finish the instructions. It was the last set I was working on while Marionette was still alive and with us. Her hands are on the photos that I took for the step by step instructions and it still hurts too much to look at these pictures and to start working on these instructions. Here each block was a complete 8x8 inch design.

Image of crazyquilt1.jpg

Most sewing machines have wonderful creative stitches, which aren't used much at all. These stitches are ideal for crazy patchwork.

Image of crazyquilt2.jpg

Image of crazyquilt.jpg

I don't have enough of these scraps to make a quilt for a single bed, but I think I will have enough for a lap quilt for an elderly person.

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