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There are two Collections on this page!!!

These designs are ideal for the Brother PR-600 and the Baby Lock BMP6 machines, as the maximum colors are 5 colors in one design. Most of the designs have 1 color and 3 colors only.

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Corners 1   $20 US

The frame around each design represents the 4 x 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.
Image of egc101.jpg
Image of egc102.jpg
Image of egc103.jpg
Image of egc104.jpg
Image of egc105.jpg
Image of egc106.jpg
Image of egc107.jpg
Image of egc108.jpg
Image of egc109.jpg
Image of egc110.jpg
Image of egc111.jpg
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Image of egc113.jpg
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Image of egc118.jpg
Image of egc119.jpg
Image of egc120.jpg

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Corners 2   $20 US

The frame around each design represents the 4 x 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.
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Image of egc205.jpg
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Image of egc219.jpg
Image of egc220.jpg

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Corners Special

Projects with these designs

Image of monicapowel1.jpg
Image of monicapowel2.jpg
This lovely traycloth and tea cosy were made by one of my testers, Monica Powell.
Please e-mail her.

Image of slippers.jpg
Monica Powell, from Ladysmith, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, made this lovely pair of slippers, when she tested the Corner designs for me. Please e-mail Monica.

Image of cornersquilt.jpg
Linda Madrid from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, made this beautiful tone on tone quilt with these corners designs. The picture on the left is of the quilt top, just after she put it together. The quality of the picture isn't very good, but you will recognize the individual corner designs very well. She used one design from a future collection for the center of this quilt, but anyone of the corner designs can be used for the center. Look at the design combination images at the bottom down the page for the center block for such a quilt.

Image of elsacornerquilt44.jpg
On the image above you will see how Linda did free style stippling between the blocks and the designs, when she finished off this quilt. Linda used a very faint, marbled kind of fabric for this quilt. This isn't a large quilt and the size is about 38 square inches.
Please e-mail Linda.

Image of egc109a.jpg
Image of egc111a.jpg
Image of egc111b.jpg
Image of egc211a.jpg
Image of egc111c.jpg
Image of egc105a.jpg
Image of egc218a.jpg
Image of egc210a.jpg
If you want to make quilt blocks with these corners, here are some ideas of how you can use them. You can also combine these corner designs with the Miniature roses to embroider tablecloths and other household linens.

For Brother PR-600 and Baby Lock EMP6 owners!!

While I was busy adding these quilt pictures to this page and looked at the quilt that Linda has made, I suddenly got this 'bright' idea. Linda has a Pfaff 7570 and can only use 4x4 inch designs. With these new wonderul machines, you have the ability to merge these designs on the machine or you can do it in the software. Merge 4 of these designs and instead of embroidering individual small blocks, you can make a larger block with 4 of these designs at once. By merging these designs in any combination, you can even create your own 'mystery quilt', as you won't really know how the quilt will look like before you haven't embroidered all the blocks. Just remember, you will need 4 blocks of each combination and you will need one block for the center of the quilt.

Image of 600center.jpg
Image of pr600a.jpg
Image of pr600b.jpg
Image of pr600centera.jpg
These are images I played with from Linda's quilt and which will show you how each merged block will look like.

Image of pr600b2.jpg
Image of pr600a3.jpg
Image of pr600b3.jpg
Image of pr600a1.jpg
Image of 600center.jpg
Image of pr600a.jpg
Image of pr600b1.jpg
Image of pr600a2.jpg
Image of pr600b.jpg
Image of pr600b.jpg
Image of pr600d.jpg
Image of pr600b3.jpg
Image of pr600d3.jpg
Image of pr600centera.jpg
Image of pr600d2.jpg
Image of pr600b1.jpg
Image of pr600d1.jpg
Image of pr600b.jpg
Just by editing these images in Paint Shop Pro, I created two different looking quilts and by combining these designs in different ways, you can also come out with many different options.

Image of merge.jpg
This is how I merged two designs in my software and I used the largest hoop for the PR-600 (PBM6) as the design page area. To work very precise, draw a 4x4 inch running stitch block around each design and make sure that the design and the running stitch frame is centered. This is just so you can merge the designs correctly in the software, using the correct 4x4 inch sewing area of each design. The designs aren't the same size and by doing this, you will have the correct position of each design. After you combined all the designs, you can just delete the running stitch outlines around each design, before embroidering the blocks.
Image of mergea.jpg

Image of merge1.jpg
The image above shows the 4x4 inch running stitch outlines around each design and shows you how I combined only 5 different designs in my software to get an idea of how a quilt will look like. Some of the designs I changed to stitch in one color only and some I left in the original colors, I digitized them in. It shows you that you can also embroider some of the designs in different colors and combine them with the designs that will stitch in one color only. The image below shows how the quilt will look like, after I removed the 4x4 inch running stitch blocks.
Image of merge2.jpg

Please note, all the designs that I have used for the ideas above, are from Corners 1 only. By combining other designs in one collection, or designs from both collections, you can come up with more quilt ideas.

Image of x1.jpg
Image of x2.jpg
This design can be repeated to make a round or an oval tray cloth, or you can use this as a center for a round or oval table cloth.

Image of x3.jpg
The same design can be embroidered three times on a neck line for a blouse or T/Shirt.

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