Corner Quilt Designs  $20 US

Especially designed with the Brother PR-600 and the Baby Lock EMP 6 in mind, therefore the few colors. These designs are also available for all other machines in 10 different formats!!!

With only 8 corner designs, you can make this wonderful quilt below. 4 of these designs have only 4 colors and two only have 3 colors, which makes that you will embroider such a quilt very fast. With these designs, you will also get layout patterns to make 6 different quilts. You will need Acrobat Reader to open and print these instructions.

The frame around each design represents the 4 x 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.
Image of hcq01.jpg
Image of hcq02.jpg
Image of hcq03.jpg
Image of hcq03mir.jpg
Image of hcq04.jpg
Image of hcq05.jpg
Image of hcq06.jpg
Image of hcq06mir.jpg

I used Marathon Rayon threads for my samples and the exact color numbers are: 1340, 1305, 1032 and 1007.

Image of cornerquilt.jpg
Image of cornerquilt2.jpg
A close up look of the bottom part of the quilt. I numbered the designs, so you can see how the designs were combined for this quilt.

Image of pattern.jpg
Image of cornrquilt.jpg
It was from this pattern on the left that Linda made the corner quilt on the right.

The 6 different quilts.

Image of cquilt1.jpg
Image of cquilt2.jpg
Image of cquil3.jpg
Image of cquilt4.jpg
Image of cquilt5.jpg
Image of cquilt6.jpg
These blocks will give you an idea of how the finished quilts will look like. Unfortunately the colors aren't great, but I wanted the images to show the different quilts more clearly.

Image of instructions.jpg
These are the instructions and pattern sheets which can be printed and binded into a booklet for future reference. There will be 16 pages to print. The size of the sheets will be 8.5 x 11 inches.

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If you don't have Acrobat Reader on your PC yet, you can download this program for free.

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Projects with these designs

Image of suehalterquilt.jpg
This stunning quilt was made by one of my testers, Sue Halter, from Belton, Texas, USA. I would never have dreamt of making a quilt with a black background, but look how stunning this quilt looks like. Please e-mail Sue.

Image of jolynchcentre.jpg
Another beautiful quilt, made by Jo Lynch of Hillcrest, Adelaide, Australia. Please e-mail Jo.

Image of monicacornerprojects.jpg
This beautiful toilet bag and slippers were made by Monica Powell, of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, one of my testers on an Elna Xquisit machine. Please e-mail Monica.

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