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You will find step by step instructions on how to make embroidered greeting cards at the bottom of this page!!

The frame around each design represents the 4 x 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.

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How to make cards.

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With the Giant Hoop-it-all, it is wonderful to embroider a lot of these designs, on one large piece of cloth. My time to do embroidery is quite limited, so I like to do it this way. I always have embroidered designs ready if I suddenly need to make cards. I also use all kinds of interesting fabrics, especially linen, satin and plain curtain fabrics. The designs on the images are 4x4 inch card designs, as well as small designs for  the bookmarks or the miniature cards, I also make.

Image of step1.jpg
Image of step2.jpg
Image of step2a.jpg
I iron the wrong side of the embroidered design with a steam iron. Then I usually iron a thin iron on batting (wadding) at the back of the embroidered design. I cut the batting just a little smaller than the oval of the card, almost the same size. You can also make a template by using old x-rays or something similar, so you have a permanent template to cut the iron on wadding the correct size in future.

Image of 02.jpg
Image of 03.jpg
If you have a steam press and want to make a number of cards, it will go very fast and you can iron the wadding on a number of designs at once. I usually use a hot iron, but I put a sheet of unprinted paper over the batting, so I iron onto the paper.

Image of step3.jpg
Image of step4.jpg
Cut the oval out with a seam allowance of about " around the iron on wadding. The seam allowance is only the fabric and not the batting. Then I put the embroidered part, face up, on an ironing board and iron all along the edges, also with a sheet of paper on top. It will give you a rounded or padded effect, which also looks very professional. I like home made things, but I don't want them to look home made<gg>

Image of step5.jpg
Image of step6.jpg
In the beginning I ended up with a few cards that were upside down<gg> To eliminate future mishaps, I fold the card close and I mark a cross with a pencil, inside the oval, like the picture on the left. When you fold it open, it will look like the picture on the right. The inner page where the cross is, is where you are going to put glue on.

Image of step4.jpg
Image of step4a.jpg
Put the embroidered part on a work surface, face up. Next I put a clear adhesive all along the edges of the oval cut out, on the inside of the card. Glue in a tube works the best, even though it is more expensive.

Image of step7.jpg
Image of step7a.jpg
Turn the card over and position it over the embroidered part. The cross marking on the inner side of the card must now be on your right hand side!!! Press down firmly all around the edges of the oval.

Image of step8a.jpg
Image of step9.jpg
Image of step10.jpg
I also glue the overlapping part of the card all along the edges, as well as all over the inner part. See the pencil markings. On the larger service, you can use a cheaper kind of glue, or even a glue stick. Fold it over and press firmly for the glue to adhere properly. Voila!!! A card completed!!

The glue I prefer to use, is Bostik Clear Adhesive and it is made by Genkem(Pty)Ltd. This glue may only be available in South Africa, because I couldn't find it in the USA. In the USA I bought a similar multi-purpose household glue which is called Duco Cement. This one is made in the USA and the address on the tube is:

Devcon Consumer Products
Riviera Beach FL 33404
Danvers, MA 01913
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