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The frame around each design represents the 4 X 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame. All these designs were digitized with the Deco Wizard, Version 1.

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Order Online

The card blanks for these cards, are available from SheriO Productions.

Click HERE if you want to order blank card stock

Some people had a problem and didn't know which cards to order from SheriO Productions. Here are the card numbers, which you have to order from the SheriO Productions web site for these designs.

Cards 1011,1012 and all the 1013  numbers, are for the 4 x 5 inch trifold cards, which are for the Designs for Cards 1, designs for Cards 2, as well as for the Floral Angel Card collections.

Cards 1019, 1020 and 1021 are for the 5 x 7 inch trifold cards. If you want to stitch a border, all around the design, or add some text, these 5 x 7 inch cards are ideal for the 4 x 4 inch designs.

Project Ideas

Link for making cards

People, who have the Brother software, will be able to resize these card designs, to fit in a 5 x 7 inch greeting card. The card design on the right side was enlarged, to fit in a large greeting card. Just remember, you may need to change some of the satin stitch parts to fill stitches, if the satin stitches stitch too wide. You don't even need to apply the Stitch to Block function!!!

Image of teatowels1.jpg
Image of teatowels.jpg
These lovely tea towels were made by Tiesha Banks.  E-mail her.

Image of donnacards.jpg
These cards were made by Donna Turner. Donna also has beautiful  blank card stock available, in a variety of colors, and the most beautiful embossed cards. Please visit her web site.

Image of elsawindowpane1.jpg
Image of elsawindowpane2.jpg
Here just one design was repeated on a window pane shirt and a border was stitched by using a creative stitch on my sewing machine.

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