8x8 inch Butterfly Quilt 1   $40 US

These designs are for the Brother PR-600, Babylock EMP-6 and Janome MC 11000 machines ONLY!!!

Click on Thumbnails to view larger images of the stitched samples.

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7.74x7.74 inches
7.88x7.86 inches
7.84x7.85 inches
7.73x7.76 inches
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Image of 45.jpg
Image of 46.jpg
Image of 47.jpg
7.70x7.72 inches
7.81x7.81 inches
7.72x7.73 inches
7.87x7.84 inches

An 8x8 inch Stipple design is included with all the 8x8 inch quilt sets.

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Image of but1blocks.jpg
Image of but1quilttop.jpg

Image of but1centerblock.jpg
Top Left:

The different quilt blocks, before I stitched them together.

Top Right:

All the blocks stitched together


The center block of this Butterfly Quilt 1. I split one design and embroidered the corner design 4 times.

The quilt top of this quilt is completed, but I still need to do the quiting and finish it. It may take some time before I get it finished.

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Last Updated 06/09/29
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