Butterfly Pillow

This design needs two hoopings for the PR-600, BMP6, Brother Innovis 4000 and Babylock Elegante machines and the size is 12x12 inches. There is another version for the Janome MC 11000 and new Janome MB-4 machines, which needs 4 hoopings. Please DO NOT order these designs if you don't have any of the machines mentioned.

Image of largebutterflypillow.jpg

Please note, the border pattern around the butterfly block was done free hand with my sewing machine, including the metallic gold outline around the corner design. If you can't do stippling, stitch satin stitch lines all around the butterfly design and use the same colors that you used for the butterflies. A multi colored border with the satin stitches in different colors will look beautiful.

PR-600 and BMP6 designs   $12  US

Image of pr600butterflypillowpart1.jpg
Image of pr600butterflypillowpart2.jpg
Image of pillowcorner.jpg
295.50x198.30 mm
11.63x7.81 inches
296.40x131.10 mm
11.67x5.16 inches
180.30x181.50 mm
7.10x7.15 inches

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Brother Innovis 4000 and Baby Lock Elegante machines    $12 US

Image of innovispart.jpg
Image of innovispart2.jpg
Image of innoviscorner.jpg
6.95x11.69 inches
176.60x296.90 mm
6.50x11.76 inches
165.20x298.60 mm
7.06x7.07 inches
179.30x179.50 mm

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Janome MC 11000 and Janome MB-4 machines  $12  US

Image of bpillowpart1.jpg
Image of bpillowpart2.jpg
Image of bpillowpart3.jpg
176.60x168.90 mm
6.95x6.65 inches
134.00x154.30 mm
5.28x6.07 inches
164.80x146.50 mm
6.49x5.77 inches
Image of bpillowpart4.jpg
Image of bpillowcorner.jpg

165.20x150.90 mm
6.49x5.77 inches
176.60x168.90 mm
7.00x7.05 inches

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Image of joanbutterflypillow.jpg

Joan Wium tests for me on an Innovis 4000 and this is her version of the Butterfly Pillow. She used a maroon variegated thread for the free hand stippling on the border. Instead of metallic Gold, she used Marathon Rayon color # 1187, which looks like Gold on dark fabrics.
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