Butterfly Corners    $25    US
16 Designs

These designs are ideal for placemats, tray cloths, or anywhere you would like to embroider a corner design.

Image of ergbc01.jpg
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Image of ergbc03.jpg
Image of ergbc04.jpg
2.71 x 2.83 inches
3.40 x 3.43 inches
3.89 x 3.89 inches
3.76 x 3.76 inches
Image of ergbc05.jpg
Image of ergbc06.jpg
Image of ergbc07.jpg
Image of ergbc08.jpg
3.91 x 3.89 inches
3.15 x 3.16 inches
3.43 x 3.29 inches
3.43 x 3.49 inches
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Image of ergbc10.jpg
Image of ergbc11.jpg
Image of ergbc12.jpg
2.87 x 2.82 inches
3.55 x 3.54 inches
3.46 x 3.48 inches
3.48 x 3.35 inches
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Image of ergbc14.jpg
Image of ergbc15.jpg
Image of ergbc16.jpg
2.60 x 2.59 inches
3.12 x 2.94 inches
2.60 x 2.61 inches
2.48 x 2.48 inches

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This lovely quilt block was made by Mary in Massachusetts, USA. Please e-mail Mary

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Image of linda11.jpg

Here you can see which designs Linda Madrid used to create these wonderful quilt blocks. Linda did these quilt blocks on a Pfaff 7570 and she used 4 hoopings for each block. Please e-mail Linda.

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Linda's Finished Quilt

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