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Because I received such a lot of requests, for designs for my friends' bookmark blanks, I digitized these small designs. They don't have so many colors, as the miniature card designs, and therefore they will stitch very fast. They are ideal for little gifts, or for people, who want to make these bookmarks for craft shows, bazaars, or any other fund raising projects.

The frame around each design represents the 4 x 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.

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Image of bookmk01.jpg
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An interesting story about the bookmarks.

Jean Lloyd, a friend in North Carolina made a number of bookmarks as gifts. A Russian Choir visited their congregation, in Orange Chapel, North Carolina. Jean gave each choir member a bookmark with a cross design and 1 Corinthians 13, as the verse. It is heart warming, to think that these bookmarks are now in Russia!! She said the choir members appreciated the bookmarks very much and that they sang beautifully that evening. Two choir members also gave their testimony.

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