Bluework Hummingbirds   $15 US

Available in 6 sizes!

These designs look like just another set of outline designs, but the possibilities are endless. For quilters I have the designs in 6x6 inches, 7x7 inches and 8x8 inches. Each of these quilt block designs have a basting stitch all around the design, which make cutting and measuring of the quilt blocks very easy.

The 5x7 inches, 6x10 inches and 8x12 inches are larger than the quilt block designs for the same hoop sizes and don't have the basting stitch around the designs. These designs can be used on clothing and linens and are also ideal for Sashiko sewing projects and also with crazy patchwork projects. A black T/shirt will look stunning with a design embroidered in metallic threads and embellished with crystals or metals.

Please click on thumbnails to see large stitchouts.

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5x7 Bluework Hummingbirds

5x7 = 5"x7" (130x180 mm)

6x6 Bluework Hummingbirds

6x6 = 6"x6" (160x160mm)

6x10 Bluework Hummingbirds

6x10 = 6"x10" (160x260mm)

7x7 Bluework Hummingbirds

7x7 = 7"x 7" (180x180mm)

8x8 Bluework Hummingbirds

8x8 = 7"x7" (200x200mm)

8x12 Bluework Hummingbirds

8x12 = 7"x11" (200x300mm)


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Monica Powell sent me this picture. She tests for me on a Pfaff Creative Vision. She said: "I have finished doing 4 placemats and these designs are fabulous.  They were old placemats and these designs have given them a new lease of life".

Image of jean6229.jpg
Jean Lloyd made this beautiful quilt with these designs. The quilt isn't finished yet, but I am very impressed with her idea and the lovely fabrics she picked for this project.
Image of jean6233.jpg

Image of ergbh8x802a.jpg
One of my test samples. Below is a close-up view of the stitches.

Image of ergbh5x701x.jpg

The original artwork is from

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