Appliqué Roses Blocks   $30   US
12 designs available in three sizes.

Please note, only the squares behind the embroidery is appliqué!! Also read the instructions that are included with the designs, before you embroider these designs.
The first Roses Blocks set stitches without the appliqué en in one colour only. With this set, you can embroider the designs in different colours or in one colour too.

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5x7 inch 5.11"x5.11" (129.9x129.9 mm)
6x6 inch 6.278"x6.28" (159.3x159.4 mm)
8x8 inch 7.87"x7.87" (199.8x199.8 mm )

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Unfinished Project
The blocks have been stitched, but I don't have any other matching fabric to finish the project.

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Original Artwork by
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